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Lifetime Achievement Award

Award Purpose 

This award is given in recognition of a Network member who has made a significant and lasting impact on the field and practice of organization development through their professional accomplishments, served the profession over an extended period of time, has earned the respect and admiration of professional colleagues and has freely engaged not only contemporaries, but also been committed to maintaining a dynamic connection to all generations of OD practitioners

Award Criteria 

Recipients of this award are recognized for outstanding conceptual contribution and fundamental advancement in the field and practice of OD. In completing the nomination application, the nominator should address the nominee’s commitment siting examples of as many of the following criteria as possible. The nominee has repeatedly demonstrated: 

  • Writing, speaking, teaching, and delivering public presentations that have significantly contributed to the development of the field, the body of knowledge required for effective OD practice and building understanding of the value of OD brings to organization 
  • Contribution to professional literature (e.g., has published highly-respected work; is a frequently cited source in books and journals; has created a body of work that has enhanced the practice of OD)
  • Challenging our way of thinking about the practice of OD and reinterpretation of existing theory as to enhance understanding of the profession
  • Significant client/community impact through the application of OD theory, principles and practices while working client engagements.
  • Commitment to others through teaching, mentoring, writing, speaking, blogging, and sharing information
  • Communication of the purpose, principles, values, and the impact OD offers the larger world such that the value of OD is increasing understood and positively impacts market demand for well-trained OD practitioners grows
  • Global and/or national recognition for her/his contributions
  • Exemplifying the values and practiced the principles of OD in his/her own behavior 

Award Description

This award is presented when a worthy recipient is identified. This may or may not be an annual occurrence. One Sharing the Wealth award may be presented each year. Previous recipients are not eligible for and may not be recognized with this award multiple times. The award is presented at the OD Network Annual Conference.

How to Nominate:  

Please click here to complete the online nomination form in its entirety and provide any supporting materials no later than Friday, July 15, 2016.


Past Award Recipients

 2015- Michael Broom, Ph.D.  2009- John Carter   2004- Marv Weisbord
 2015- Barry Johnson  2009- Glenn Varney   2003- W. Warner Burke 
 2015- Barry Oshry   2008- Peter Block   2002- Peter Vaill 
 2015- Dr. John J. Scherer LHD  2007- Frederick Miller   2001- Kathie Dannemiller 
 2014- Judith Katz, Ed.D  2006- Chris Argvris  2001- Edie Seashore 
 2014- Frederick Nader  2006- Saul Eisen   2000- Robert Marshak 
 2013- Mee-Yan Cheung Judge  2005- Barbara Benedict Bunker  1999- Billie T. Alban 
 2012- David Sibbet  2005- Edgar Schein   1999- Bob Tannenbaum
 2011- Brenda B. Jones   2004- Charlie Seashore   
 2010- Edwin C. Nevis, Ph.D.     
 2010- Dick Axelrod     

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