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April 26, 2015
Matt MInahan, Ed.D.
Vice Chair
Sherry Duda
Magdy Mansour
Yasmeen Burns
Christina Bell
Jaya Bohlmann
Marco Cassone
Loretta Hobbs
Norm Jones
Martha Kesler
Kris Lea
Zoe MacLeod
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Each month, the Organization Development Network shares with its members articles from a number of journals to support the advancement of our members' OD practice.
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The Latest in OD:
Running Your Business:

Member Highlights

2015 CBODN Conference: Cultivating Sustainable Communities

"Sustaining Member Recognition: Matt Minahan"

An active member since 1988, Matt Minahan hasbeen a major contributor to the Chesapeake Bay Organization Development Network (CBODN). He served on the Board beginning in 1989 first as Newsletter Chair, then as Chair of Communications and finally as Newsletter Editor. On Friday, April 24th, following our closing plenary, CBODN will recognize Matt for his sustaining membership with a special reception in his honor.

Matt is being recognized for his contributions, his selfless giving of time and expertise to professional networks, and his continued support and sustaining membership in the CBODN community. Please join CBODN and Matt for this very special reception. If you are registered for the CBODN conference on Friday, please join us in the Shepard Gallery at 5:45 pm. If not, there is still time to register.Click hereto join us for the CBODN conference.


Clickhereto learn more.

The Latest in OD

IntroImproving Innovation with Organizational Network Analysis

Stephen Garcia

According to PwC's 17th Annual CEOSurvey, product and service innovation isnow the number one growth strategy for
CEOs globally.Innovationis notoriously difficult, however. It isa complex, systems-level process requiringthat multiple functions - R&D, marketing,supply chain, finance, sales, etc. - worktogether across silos to ideate, develop, andcommercialize new products and services.Fortunately, Organization Development(OD) professionals have a powerfulapproach, organizational network analysis,for measuring and improving such intricatehuman systems.


Article1How to Establish a Vision Statement Employees Will Get Behind

Andre Lavoie, Entrepreneur

Most companies have a clearly defined mission statement, but it's thevisionstatement that employees cling onto. Whereas mission statements explain a company's reason for existence, a vision statement describes where the company is going and how they're going to get there.


Article2There's a Difference Between Cooperation and Collaboration

Ron Ashkenas, Harvard Business Review


Everyone seems to agree that collaboration across functions is critical for major projects and initiatives. The reality, however, is that meshing the skills and resources of different departments, each focused on its own distinct targets, to achieve a larger organizational goal is much easier said than done. In fact, it takes much more than people being willing to get together, share information and cooperate. It more importantly involves making tough decisions and trade-offs about what and what not to do, in order to adjust workloads across areas with different priorities and bosses. And despite all the well-meaning cooperative behaviors, this is often where interdepartmental collaboration breaks down.


Article3Five Reasons Loving Your Job Helps You Live Longer

Laura Garnett, Inc.


Do you love work? Or is it just OK? We all have good and bad days, but if the number of days where you feel bored, frustrated, anxious and stressed outnumber the good, then you're not only unhappy at work, but, according to a number of studies, you are putting your health at risk.


So what can you do if you fall into that category? The likely conclusion is to change your job, yet so many fail to be convinced that loving work is a realistic goal. You probably think having a great job is an unattainable fantasy, but I know through my work with countless clients up and down the corporate ladder that it's not.

Article4The Conscience of a Corporation

Timothy Egan, The New York Times

So here is Walmart, insisting that "our core basic belief of respect for the individual" is at odds with an Arkansas bill that would allow religious-based discrimination. And here is Marriott, slamming as "idiocy" similar measures in other states. And somewhere in there is the family-run pizzeria, asserting that Indiana's new law allows them to deny wedding day pies to people whose choice of spouses they don't approve of.

These businesses sell Chinese-made consumer goods, hotel rooms, and rounded dough burdened with pepperoni and extra cheese. Since when did they start spouting off about the deeply held convictions guiding their corporate consciences?

Article5Seen But Not Heard

Dana Wilkie, SHRM


The question of how to coach women whose voices are suppressed at work is not new - but the resurgence of interest in the topic may be.Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg, in a January 2015 op-edshe co-wrote for "TheNew York Times," reignited discussion about the tightrope women walk when they try to speak up at work - during meetings, to a boss or maybe just at a happy hour with colleagues.


In the "Times"piece, Sandberg wrote thatwhen a woman speaks in a professional setting, "either she's barely heard or she's judged as too aggressive. When a man says virtually the same thing, heads nod in appreciation for his fine idea. As a result, women often decide that saying less is more."

Article6Soft Skills Matter: Can They Be Taught?

Nicole Fallon, Business News Daily

It used to be that a solid GPA and a relevant degree from a good university were all a new graduate needed to land a job. Today, the tides are shifting, as research increasingly shows that abstract qualifications - a good attitude, a strong work ethic, an innovative mindset - are just as important to employers as practical trade skills and educational background, if not more so.


Article7How to Build a Culture of Customer Service Excellence in 10 Minutes a Day

Micah Solomon, Forbes


In today's world the challenge of providing great service is not in such nuts and bolts, skills-and-details-related updates. (Put those on your wiki.) The challenge is that even if you start off strong with a great orientation, the daily grind will ensure that functional issues ultimately end up overwhelming company purpose. A daily standup meeting is a chance to keep your company focused on your overriding purpose and to ensure that all staff are aligned to fulfill it. It only takes a few minutes, and the difference it makes can be crucial.

Article8The Office Chair Designed to Restore Your Focus at Work

Rachel Feintzeig, The Wall Street Journal

Workers are having trouble staying on task. Crammed together with colleagues in open floor plans, lured into procrastination by social media, and inundated by emails, the modern corporate workday for many is an eight-hour parade of distractions, punctuated by lunch.


The length of time office workers focus on a computer screen before shifting their attention dropped to 1 minute, 15 seconds in 2012 - down from 2 minutes, 18 seconds in 2008, according to research from Gloria Mark, a professor in the department of Informatics at the University of California, Irvine. Another study published by Mark this year tracked workers for five days, discovering that, on average, they visited Facebook 21 times a day and checked email 74 times.

Running Your Business

Article10How to Avoid Becoming Disengaged from Your Work

Will Yakowicz, Inc.


Like most things in this world, passion waxes and wanes as the years go by. But as CEO, you need to be careful of letting your passion slip. If you become disengaged from your business, how will your star employees react?


"As a researcher and consultant to executives across diverse industries, I know how common it is for successful, high-performing people to lose their passion for work - and their commitment to their organizations - over time," Michael Kibler, founder and CEO of holistic coaching and development firm Corporate Balance Concepts, writes in Harvard Business Review.


Article11Eight Stealth Interview Questions that Reveal True Character

Zoe Henry, Inc.


If you want to hire a great candidate, you'd better ask the right questions. And sometimes, the questions that tell you the most about a person are the ones that seem least likely to yield anything relevant.From hypothetical elephants to athletic experience and more, Inc. has parsed some of the wackier things that employers might ask about in an interview.

Article12Online Lenders Offer a Faster Cash Lifeline for Small Businesses

Stacy Cowley, New York Times


Yaniv Liron has pulled cash and credit from every available source to keep his 11-year-old web design and development business, Lumina, running smoothly - a situation familiar to many small-business owners.


Even though his company, in New York City, is established and profitable, obtaining a bank loan or credit line has always been painful. The paperwork takes days to prepare, approval decisions can drag on for weeks or months and the process, he said, "involves selling your soul and begging on your knees."