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February 18, 2015

March 24, 2015
Matt Minahan, Ed.D.
Vice Chair
Sherry Duda
Magdy Mansour
Yasmeen Burns


Christina Bell
Jaya Bohlmann
Loretta Hobbs
Norm Jones, Ph.D.
Martha Kesler
Kris Lea
Zoe MacLeod
Welcome New Members
Please welcome our new members who joined in January & February

Maryam Al Nasr

Clint Anderson

Earle Airey

Mukta Arya

S. Ron Banerjee

Noushin Bayat

Parijat Bhardwaj

Des Bishop

Jayne Black

Patti Blackstaffe

Caroline Bremner

Jerry Brewster

Dottie Brienza

Rick Buccheri

Dave Byers

Chris Byrd

Pat Carr

Lynn Corwin

Catherine Crusade

Pershama Dailey

Nicole Darby

Wilmont Davis

Jordan Easton

Robert Easton

David Edelman

Ed Eijsenring

Georganna Evans

Julianne Fanning

Aimee Florez

Julie Flowers

Kay Fontana

Suzanne Frawley

Crystal Gamber

Lindie Geyser

Gisele Gomes

Kathryn Grant

Carissa Hill

Pamela Hopkins

Jamie Horton

Avil Jackson

Rachel Jackson

Kaleel Jamison

James Kearney

Bryan Kennedy

Cynthia Kivland

Melissa Knights

Mary Krause

Alan Landers

John Ledwith

Suzanne Leopold

Kris Leverich

Lisa Levey

Szeling Lim

Margie Lynch

Elizabeth Martin

Wayne Matthews

Renata McAllister

Tanya McElfresh

Eric McGovern

Shelby Messenger

Maya Milanova

Khine Myint

Leah Ndiaye

Laura Orosco

Robert Otrembiak

John Paul

C. Lauren Payne

Molly Penn

Roy Plaeger-Brockway

Lori Poinsett

Jody Popple

Tracy Preciado

Samantha Price

Andrea Raggambi

Paul Reevs

Colin Robertson

Julie Salmon

Julia Schonert

Debbie Sergi

Melissa Silen

Laura Silva

Shannan Simms

Linda Sinkewicz

Ann Spoleti

Kenneth Stanberry

Justine Staub

Katherine Strei

Joanne Szubzda

Larissa Thurlow
Beate Vagt-Traore

Natasha Varn-Davis

Deidra Walker

Turner Warner

Harry Wittenberg

Allison Wright

Jennifer York
Genae Young

330 North Wabash Avenue
Suite 2000
Chicago, IL 60611
Each month, theOrganization Development Network shares news and information about important happenings within OD Network as well as sources to help support the advancement of your OD practice.

Message from the OD Network Chair, Matt Minahan, Ed.D.

Network Committees


Dear friend and colleagues,


You're probably as weary as I am of reminding clients, "Your people are your most important asset." Of course, it's true, but it seems self-evident.


The same principle applies to the OD Network as well. We are at our best as a Network and a field when we are working most closely with you, our members.


YourBoard of Trusteeshas committed to a powerful and moving vision for the field: ". . . creating effective and healthy human system in an inclusive world community" as the key driver forour strategy.


We realize that vision best when we realize it with you, your time, your energy, and your commitment.


We have several ways for you to bring this vision to life with us. Consider joining one of our Network committees, each of which is chaired or co-chaired by a Board trustee, including:

  • Membership, where we have set an aggressive goal for growth and expansion this year and could use your help in developing and implementing a growth strategy. Contact our Executive Director,Gail McCauley
  • Strategic Relations, where we seek out and contract with other organizations that might have similar members or interests, or which have something of interest to offer our members. ContactZoe MacLeod
  • Culture, Diversity, and Inclusion, where we explore new and better ways to realize our vision of "an inclusive world community. ContactNorm Jones
  • Professional Development and Education, where our monthly webinars, training, and Community of Practice programs are organized and supported. ContactKris Lea
  • Finance, where we set our annual budget and funding for the priorities in our Strategic Plan. ContactMagdy Mansour

As we continue to celebrate our 50thanniversary, please join us for an exciting year of growth, in realizing our mission, to "lead advances in the practice and theory of Organization Development that result in healthy, effective organizations and a healthy planet."


Be well, and do good.


Matt Minahan, Ed.D.
2015 Board of Trustees Chair

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Talent Management eBook from Synermetric


As part of your OD Network membership, you now have access to a complimentary eBook "Talent Management: Our Expert Views," from ODN partner Synermetric. This publication features articles from a number of experts with different perspectives on Talent Management, providing a rounded and thought-provoking range of views. If you have not received it, please emailODNetwork@ODNetwork.orgto request your download.


The Synermetric partnership also gives you access to other exclusive benefits, including a 15% discount on Synermetric assessments and selected services on theSynermetric website.

PD&E Webinar Series

Upcoming February Webinar

Insider's Approach to Organization Development: Making the Most of Internal Organizational Consulting

Organization Development (OD) products and services are increasingly in-demand from leaders. In this environment, organizations will continue to contract and expand (often at the same time), creating broad and deep needs for expert internal OD. Are you ready to successfully practice OD on the "inside" of an organization?

Date: Wednesday, February 18
Time: 12 p.m. EDT/11 a.m. CDT/9 a.m. PDT
Presented by: Mike Horne, Ph.D.
Upcoming March Webinar

Using Debriefs - A Simple, Powerful Tool for Boosting Team Effectiveness
Team debriefs are simple yet powerful tool for accelerating such experiential learning and can be used with teams from the boardroom to the front line. We will discuss the research behind debriefs, clarify common mistakes and way to overcome them, and describe how best to design and lead debriefs to optimize learning and team self-correction.

Date: Tuesday, March 24
Time:12 p.m. EDT/11 a.m. CDT/9 a.m. PDT
Presented by: Scott Tannenbaum, Ph.D.

On-Demand Webinars

OD Network is committed to offering you the best in OD education, which includes our on-demand webinars. As part of the OD Network Center for Professional Development, select webinars are available to members and provide the perfect format for quick education on industry hot topics - without having to leave the office and at a $20 discount.

Access on-demand webinars now.

The Power Lab

Exclusive offer for 2015 OD Network members!


The Power Lab is a complete immersion experience, placing you into one of three "classes" within a society and provides you with deep, lasting insight into issues around power and leadership that can be brought back to educate and develop leaders within your organization. During the Power Lab, you will learn alongside executives, educators and other OD professionals.

April 26 - May 1, 2015

Cape Cod, Massachusetts


ODN Members receive a discount of $5,500 - almost half off the price.

If interested, emailODNnow!Space is limited!


Learn more about this offer.

Save the Date: 2015 ODN | IODA Annual Conference & 2nd World Summit

A truly international OD event, join OD Network and the International Organization Development Association (IODA) for the 2015 Annual Conference & 2nd OD World Summit - a unique opportunity for networking and education with global experts. The event will take place October 17-20, 2015 in Portland, OR.


Check back for details as they become available.

Featured Volunteer of the Month: Loretta Hobbs, PhD, MSOD, MADHD

I am very honored to serve the Organization Development community in this way. I am also honored to share my profile, so that anyone interested can glimpse who I am.
I grew up in the Southwest before personal computers, the internet and social media. I was blessed to have a mom, dad and sister who cared about me, and I them. I learned to play 5 musical instruments (that was then, this is now). Family means everything to me.
To read the rest of Loretta's Storyclick here.
New OD Models and Tools
We are very excited to let you know about another benefit from the OD Network.

We have reached agreement with long time OD practitioner Fred Nickols to provide his OD models and tools to our members via our website.

Fred calls his site theKnowledge Workers' Tool Room, but most of what you will find there are the models and tools that you need to do OD, either internally or externally.

Fred has created and assembled upwards of 50 of the tools and models that OD practitioners need to do the work. You'll find everything there from his Change Acceptance Cycle to Six Theories of Motivation to a Stakeholder Scorecard to a Strategy-to-Results matrix. Behind most of the models, you'll find a one page description of the model and how it works.

Many thanks to Fred for making his Tool Room available to OD Network members and others through our website.

To access OD Models and Tools, clickhere.

ODEA Spotlight: Royal Roads University

The Centre for Coaching and Workplace Innovation (CCWI) at Royal Roads University offers leading-edge programming that responds to the need for flexible, relevant programming across many sectors. Our Graduate Certificate in Organization Design and Development is for professionals working in, or consulting with, organizations in all sectors who wish to expand their knowledge, skills, strategies, and expertise in the area of organization development. The aim of the 6-month, blended delivery, certificate is to equip professionals with graduate-level applied, relevant, and theoretical expertise in developing skills to support strategic analysis of OD needs and the spectrum of deliberate and emergent strategies and perspectives to support desired outcomes as well as organizational health and vitality.


View all ODEA Members

Searching for a New Job?
Check Out Featured Opportunities!

TheOD Network Job Exchangeis the most effective forum, whether you're ajob seeker or employer, to find opportunities specific to OD. Some of the most recent postings include:

New York, NY
Posted: 1/29/2015

Reston, WA
Posted: 1/9/2015

Columbia, SC
Posted: 01/28/2015

Trenton, NJ
Posted: 01/28/2015
OD Network Regional News

NEW! LinkedIn Group for Regional Leaders


OD Network is pleased to launch its brand-new LinkedIn Group"OD Network Regional Leaders"to serve as a discussion forum for leaders of the regional networks affiliated with ODN. Regional leaders should use this forum to exchange ideas, seek assistance and information from fellow regional leaders, and post links to theOD Network Knowledge Database and Program Repository.


OD Network Regional Leaders is set up as a private group by invitation only. Please contact your Regional Connector or update your regional contact information on theOD Network websiteso that we can be sure to pre-approve you for access to this new communication and collaboration forum established especially for regional leaders.

NEW! NJOD Learning Community Sponsors New Event: "Learning Day 2014: Bridging the Gap between Academics and Practitioners"


I went to graduate school with someone who has turned out to be one of my closest friends. We pursued our Masters in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, a field that offers both science and practice, a duality that attracts many of us to study it. My friend and I exemplify the two faces of the discipline as he became a professor and researcher while I became a practitioner.

Over the years, we have often debated the merits of our chosen paths, at times embodying the great divide between those who research OD and those who practice it in applied settings. I'll accuse him of holding court in his ivory tower, publishing research that has little applicability to the "real world," while he argues that I'm a slave to the clients I serve, diluting the research until it bears little resemblance to the science and theory upon which it was based.

To read the full article by Regina Lind,click here.


NEW! Phil LeNir Scheduled to Speak at the OD Network of Western New York


Phil LeNir co-foundedCoachingOurselves, with Henry Mintzberg to offer a unique peer coaching leadership development methodology. Their approach is used by over 10,000 managers in 8 countries. Phil's session at ODN of WNY will showcase their methodology.
* When: Friday, March 13, 2015 from 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. (8:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. - networking; 9:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. - meeting)
* Where:Canisius Center for Professional Development300 Corporate Parkway, Suite 130, Amherst, NY 14226