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February 18, 2015
PD&E Webinar Series
Matt MInahan, Ed.D.
Vice Chair
Sherry Duda
Magdy Mansour
Yasmeen Burns
Christina Bell
Jaya Bohlmann
Loretta Hobbs
Norm Jones
Martha Kesler
Kris Lea
Zoe MacLeod
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Each month, the Organization Development Network shares with its members articles from a number of journals to support the advancement of our members' OD practice.

Table of Contents

The Latest in OD:
Running Your Business:
The Latest in OD
buildingBuilding Resilience in Small Nonprofits
Miguel Bonilla, ODP

Nonprofits have always been a big part ofmy life; I was a Boy Scout as a child, I volunteeredfor Junior Achievement in high
school, and I was active in Amnesty Internationalin college. We all recognize thenames of these large national nonprofits,but for each established nonprofit, thereare hundreds of local, emerging nonprofits.After two decades in the nonprofit sector, Isee small nonprofits as hidden gems withso much potential. I have worked in smallnonprofits in Los Angeles, New York City,and Washington, DC. I have served onboards, volunteered and consulted withsmall nonprofits. There is no doubt small nonprofits innovate where governmentand corporations cannot, they provide
accessible, community-based services andemploy the largest proportion of people inthe nonprofit sector, making them critical
contributors to our country's development.Unfortunately, they are also the most vulnerableduring tough economic times.

Article1Innovation vs. Invention: Make the Leap and Reap the Rewards
Bill Walker, Wired


People often use the words "invention" and "innovation" interchangeably.This is not only incorrect, but misses a few key subtleties in meaning that can change a conversation. Invention is about creating something new, while innovation introduces the concept of "use" of an idea or method. While this difference is subtle, and these words are listed in every thesaurus that I checked as synonyms of each other, they are definitely not 100% interchangeable.An invention is usually a "thing," while an innovation is usually an invention that causes change in behavior or interactions.


Article2What's in Store for HR for 2015?
Josh Bersin, HR Magazine


This will be a transformational year in many areas of corporate talent management. The global economic recovery, changing demographics and rapid changes in technology have come together to redefine the entire nature of work. While many talk about the "new world of work," in reality we also have a "new world of life" - one where work, home, family and personal lives are interconnected in a real-time way.


Article3Millennials Have Their Eyes on the Corner Office

Lindsay Gellman, The Wall Street Journal


Bosses, here's what young employees wish you knew: You're not tapping their full potential.


More than half of workers polled in a global survey of young professionals say they aspire to the top job at their organization, but only about one in four feel their current employer makes full use of their skills. The survey of over 7,800 workers born after January 1983 was conducted byconsulting firmDeloitte Touche Tohmatsu Ltd., andoffers a snapshot of a new generation's career aspirations and attitudes towards work.

Article4Leadership and the Art of Orchestra Conducting

Shellie Karabell, Forbes.com


Read however many books you like about the principles of leadership, but in watching an orchestra rehearse a new piece for two hours, you can learn everything there is to know about leadership.


That's the philosophy behind an executive education course case study offered by such prestigious schools as Harvard in Boston and INSEAD in France, which plunge students into the orchestra pit along with professional musicians to better understand the dynamics of corporatemanagement.


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Article6Customized Boss: Varied Management Styles Work Best

Nicole Fallon, BusinessNewsDaily


A good manager knows how to communicate and connect with his or her employees in order to keep them motivated. A great manager knows that employees aren't all motivated in the same way, and takes this into account when trying to keep staff members engaged.


New research fromGallup Business Journalconfirms what many business leaders know to be true: Employees of different generations, education levels and tenure respond best when they're managed in ways that reflect their respective demographic experiences.

Article7How to Create an Effective Cross-Cultural Training Program

Raju Chebium, HR Magazine


Article8Intel Commits $300 Million to Workplace Diversity

Troy Wolverton, San Jose Mercury News


Under fire along with other tech companies for its lack of diversity, Intel on Tuesday said it plans to dramatically increase the number of women and minority workers it employs within five years and will commit $300 million to the effort.


The company's announcement makes it the first major Silicon Valley company to set goals to increase the diversity of its workforce amid a growing debate about the issue.


Article95 Ways to Get Naysayers to Participate in Team Building

Lain Hensley, Entrepreneur


It can be a challenge to get even the most enthusiastic of employees to participate inteam-buildingactivities, and the announcement of mandatoryevents of this nature often prompts further complaints.


Silence the cynics and garner true interest in team-building events by getting employees to see their value. Choose the right event and the perfect setting and communicate the value of the activity.Here are five tips for turning naysayers into willing (and maybe eager) team-building participants.


Running Your Business

Article1010 Regulatory Changes That Could Affect Your Business This Year

Chad Brooks, BusinessNewsDaily


With each new year comes new laws and regulations that affect small businesses. From tax issues and health care changes to immigration reform and overtime protocols, there is a wide range of new regulatory issues that small business owners should be monitoring in 2015.


"Staying up-to-date with the ever-changing regulatory environment can be the difference between your business maintaining compliance and potentially facing steep IRS penalties," Martin Mucci, president and CEO of Paychex - a provider of payroll, human resources, insurance and benefits outsourcing services for small and medium-size businesses -said in a statement.


Article11Why SEO Is Much Easier Than You Think

Jayson Demers, Entrepreneur


Search-engine optimization (SEO) has gone through a series of evolutions over the years. Older tactics, which focused on keyword-based optimization and black-hat practices, have become obsolete, and modern strategies, which focus on user experience, have come to replace them. Throughout its history, SEO has been a cost-efficient and incredibly valuable strategy for business owners of all industries.


But despite the strategy's simplified development, many business owners are still too intimidated by the perceived difficulty of SEO to follow through with it. SEO is a time-intensive strategy, and it does demand significant attention, but it has reached a point where it's no longer difficult. With the right mentality and a sound commitment, any business owner can start building an SEO campaign - and reaping the many benefits.

Article12The Beginner's Guide to Remarketing: All The Basics and A Few Secret Tricks

Jayson DeMers, Forbes.com


We've all experienced that strange moment: you were shopping online for something, let's say a pair of pink shoes, and on the next website you visited, as if by magic, there was an advertisement for the very pink shoes you were searching for. By now, you're likely aware that this is neither a cosmic coincidence nor a psychic intrusion - it's remarketing.


If you've never considered using remarketing because it seems too complex, think again. Remarketing is actually simple to set up, and can help you recover some of the96 percent of userswho typically fail to take action on your site.