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August 5, 2014
August 27-29,2014
October 25-28, 2014
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Each month, the Organization Development Network shares news and information about important happenings within OD Network as well as sources to help support the advancement of your OD practice.
Message from the OD Network Executive Director
Looking to the Future of OD

"First comes thought; then organization of that thought, into ideas and plans; then transformation of those plans into reality. The beginning, as you will observe, is in your imagination."


-Napoleon Hill, American author

Hello friends,


We are thrilled to welcome our 50th anniversary conferenceinjust a few short months. In addition to shaking up session formats this October - including new styles such as TED-inspired Talks and Design Charrettes - we will be featuring several concurrent sessions on the state of organizational development and its future.

This in-depth look on the past, present and future of OD will aid us in recognizing changes we would like made and transforming these realizations into actionable thoughts with the hope of re-energizing our industry.

Read on for conference highlights and exclusives

2014 Annual Conference Schedule Live!

Past. Present. Future.


Join us this October as we learn from the past, bask in the present and look toward the future of organization development. Browse the full 2014 Annual Conference concurrent session lineupby trackand prepare to join us as we celebrate 50 years alongside the best and brightest in the industry - that includes you!


Viewthefull programorSchedule-at-a-Glance.

Make the Most of October with Pre-Conference Sessions

Not only are we thrilled to announce the full lineup of 2014 Annual Conference concurrent sessions but also the pre-Conference session schedule. All pre-conference sessions will be held onSaturday, October 25.Take advantage of this opportunity to extend your time with us in Philly and learn even more from your peers in these hands-on workshops.


Don't miss out on this opportunity!


Chart the Future for Organization Development, Celebrate 50 years
We invite you to chart the future for Organization Development with all of your friends and colleagues at this year's conference. To assist us in this effort, we will be in Open Space on the last day of the conference.Open Spaceis a simple approach which has enabled large groups of people all over the world to confront and resolve complex and conflicted issues. This will be facilitated by Harrison Owen and all contributions will be made by attendees.
OD Network Announces 2014 Organizational Excellence Award

As we celebrate our 50th anniversary year, please join us as we congratulate the 2014 Organizational Excellence Award honoree LRN, led by Founder and CEO Dov Seidman, for its efforts to help companies shape their ethics and compliance behavior and thrive by inspiring principled performance.


Read moreabout the2014 Organization Development Awards and all the recipients.

NewCenter for Professional Development Webinar Series
How to Change Your Company's Culture
One Meeting at a Time
Presented by:Emily and Dick Axelrod
Tuesday, August 5, 2014
Duration: 90 Minutes


There is a way to shift your organization's culture that is within your control and is not beyond your reach.Change the way you lead and participate in meetings.With 6.5 million unproductive meetings daily in the U.S., the ripple effect of changing a meeting extends far beyond the meeting itself.


During this webinar you will learn:

  • What happens when you make meetings voluntary
  • The Meeting Canoe: a six step model for transforming your meetings entirely
  • What transpires when you infuse your meetings with the electric charge of meaning, autonomy, challenge, learning and feedback
NewMember Benefit from Synermetric
Save 15% on Select Tools and Services


Synermetricprovides a comprehensive range oftools and services used in talent selection, engagement, development and retention. They include informal assessments and science-based psychometrics:360 Degree Feedback ToolsaBig 5 personality test;customizable Internet-based software tools to deliver your own content and assessments of stress;tools to addressrecruitment,individual development,organizational improvementandcustomer analysis.


As an ODN Member, you have the ability to purchase the following tools and services at a 15% discount.Clickhereto see them all and get more information on purchasing.


ContactOD Networkfor more information about this exclusive member benefit.

Enterprise Membership
The Enterprise Membership package to OD Network is the perfect solution to your professional development needs for OD, HR, quality and/or project management staff. With this unprecedented package you'll receive unique offerings designed to address the critical professional development needs of you and your staff alongside free or discounted access to a full array of professional development and engagement opportunities, including our professional development webinars, publications, archives, toolkits, and much more.

Featured Opportunities on the OD Network Job Exchange
TheOD Network Job Exchangeis the most effective forum for job seekers and employers to find opportunities and resources specific to OD. Here are some of the latest postings:

North American Organization Development and Training Manager

Michigan, United States

Posted: 07/16/ 2014

Senior Consultant, Talent Management

New York, NY United States

Posted: 07/16/2014

Senior Organization Development Specialist

St. Petersburg, FL, United States

Posted: 07/14/2014

Director, Leadership Development and Learning

Vallejo, CA, United States

Posted: 07/03/2014


OD Network Regional News
Next Regional Leaders Virtual Gathering September 12th

The next Regional Leaders Virtual Gathering will be held on September 12th at 9 a.m. PT (12 p.m. ET).


In our last session, regional leaders identified the following topics for upcoming gatherings:


* Marketing to members amid a changing OD profession. What language do we use to attract other professions to OD? Are younger practitioners using different terminology like change leadership that we need to incorporate into our marketing and communications? How does OD differentiate itself from training and HR? How do we draw business leaders to our membership?


* Pooling regional resources. How might we share blog topics, co-brand newsletter content, exchange ideas for programming?


Please join us to exchange perspectives and ideas. And remember, you can SHARE and SEEK programming ideas and best practices using ourregional leader knowledge exchange tools. Contact yourRegional Connectorfor more information.