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Learn more about the 2015 OD Network | IODA Annual Conference taking place Oct. 17-20, 2015, in Portland, Ore.
September 2015
Meet the World in Portland!
For the second time in our organizations’ histories, after Budapest in 2010, the global OD community is coming together in October for the 2nd OD World Summit, a milestone event that sets the pace and the direction for our field for the coming years.So hereby let us invite you to join the conversation, be part of this co-creative process and enjoy the time you spend together with our 400+ participants from all continents.
As the World gathers in Portland, we are thrilled to bring you: our inspirational speakers for all quarters of life, a fantastic community built around a strong belief in OD, special events that will spice up the time we spend together and a full agenda of outstanding speakers, facilitators, internal and external consultant and our clients, leaders and HR experts with a commitment to changing and developing their organizations with an OD mindset.
Our conference agenda this year will follow the logic of our theme: OUR FIELD, OUR WORLD, OUR IMPACT.
  • On the first day we will focus on OUR FIELD, exploring the path we’ve taken, the work we’re currently doing, and the work that is yet to be done in the field and practice of OD.
  • The second day we will tour OUR WORLD, embracing the changes around us and exploring the OD work being done in all continents around the globe.
  • Finally on the third day, built on the discussions and outcomes of the first days, we will direct our conversation towards OUR IMPACT paving the way to enlarging our positive foot-print on the world around us.
Furthermore do note that we are offering a series of world class pre-conference session as well and we will do our best already before the conference to make sure we all get in touch with Portland and our colleagues working in the North-West.
Last but not least as of now we are expecting delegations from over 30 countries, who will bring a depth and breadth of experience, passion and commitment and they will also bring their diverse cultures to Portland, which in itself can and will be a unique experience.
So join us in making the 2nd OD World Summit an epic event embracing the spirit of Organization Development and multiplying the impact we currently have on the World.
Come see Portland, learn and share, make lifetime friends, set new goals and be an active part of this amazing event.
Welcome to Portland, Our Gateway to the World!
Lori Blander, Co-chair 2015 - Board Member ODN
Peter Kalmar, Co-Chair 2015 - President of IODA
Annual Conference Early Registration Deadline Extended
The early registration rate for the 2015 OD Network│IODA Annual Conference has been extended until September 21! Register now to join us this October in Portland for what promises to be a GLOBAL event! Browse the full 2015 Annual Conference concurrent session lineup or the schedule-at-a-Glance to see what you’ll gain by attending the Conference.
We look forward to seeing you in Portland!
The Hilton Portland is now SOLD OUT on Non-Conference Nights!
OD Network’s Hilton Portland, Oregon room block is now sold out on non-conference nights (Wednesday- October 14 – Friday, October 16);there are rooms available at the Hilton Portland Saturday - October 17 – October 20. Please note that sometimes there are cancellations so you are welcome to check with the Hilton. Check our website for other hotel options for the OD Network | IODA Annual Conference.
Download the Official Conference Mobile App!
Navigate the event like a pro with the OD Network 2015 mobile app. The mobile app in a place where you can get the latest exhibitor, speaker, and event information, view your personalized schedule, take notes during the session and many other features. To learn more about the app or download it today, visit our website.
Dissertation Research Participation Request
Dear Organization Development (OD) Practitioner:
I am writing to ask you two things.
First, I am asking you to consider participating in my doctoral dissertation research if you are an internal OD practitioner, and second, I am asking you to nominate others who meet the criteria I lay out below.
First, to you: I am studying the role internal OD practitioners play in organizations that have adopted an approach to sustainability, including mission, strategy, initiative, and / or program. I am interested in the views of both internal OD practitioners who are participating in changes for sustainability and internal OD practitioners employed by an organization making such changes but who are not involved in those changes. No organization will be involved in this study nor will the organization be identified in the study’s documents. You will not be identified in any way in the study.
If you meet the following criteria and are interested in participating in the research, please indicate your interest and send an email to me.
For more information in the doctoral dissertation research program, click here.
2016 OD Network Board of Trustees Election Results
The Organization Development Network (OD Network) is pleased to announce the 2016 Board of Trustees inductees. The successful candidates in this year's election are as follows:
Board of Trustees:
B. Lori R. Blander, M.S., ACC
C. Marco Cassone, MSOD
B. Beverley Patwell, MA, CHRP
All newly elected members will take office on January 1, 2016. Please join in thanking and congratulating all of those individuals who have offered their time in service to our association.
September Member Spotlight
Yasmeen Burns is a Principal Consultant at The Clearing with over 15 years of experience in organization development focused on facilitation, multi-stakeholder large-scale change efforts, cultural transformation, strategic planning, leadership development, and communications in the public and private sector. She is certified as a Human Capital Strategist, coach, is qualified to build competency models, and to administer the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. She has a BA from Georgetown University, as well as an MBA in Organization Development from Johns Hopkins University, Carey Business School. She is also a Board Member for the Organization Development Network and was conference co-chair in 2013 and 2014.
Read more about Yasmeen on our website.
Enterprise Membership
The Enterprise Membership package to OD Network is the perfect solution to your professional development needs for OD, HR, quality and/or project management staff. With this unprecedented package you'll receive unique offerings designed to address the critical professional development needs of you and your staff alongside free or discounted access to a full array of professional development and engagement opportunities, including our professional development webinars, publications, archives, toolkits, and much more.
Regional News
RegionalLeaders, Past Leaders, and Members: Please plan to attend the Regionals Caucus on Sunday, October 18 at 9:00 am – 10:00 am prior to the Annual Conference Opening Session.
Over the past three years, OD Network has launched several tools and programs to benefit Regional Leaders and Members:
- Regional Program Repository
- Regional Leaders Knowledge Base
-Regional Profiles
-Regional Leaders LinkedIn Page
- Discounts on OD Network Membership
- Opportunity to Publish Regional News in monthly Network News
- Regional Connectors

Are you using these programs? Why and why not? Email us your feedback and help us set the right course for OD Network Regional partnership.

Renewing our OD Practice - Framing our Frames
Dates: December 14-16, 2015
Venue: Roffey Park Institute, UK
We are pleased to announce details of this exciting new programme to be co-hosted by ODN Europe and the Roffey Park Institute (platinum sponsor of ODNE and venue for its last two conferences). Targeting experienced practitioners/consultants/leaders/HR specialists in the field of OD who are keen to inquire more deeply into their practice with others.
Built around the theme of renewing our practice, this programme will bring together practitioners and leading figures in the field to think and learn together. It will be co-chaired by Andy Smith, Director of Research at Roffey Park, and Rob Farrands, an ODNE award winner and Fellow of Roffey Park.
ODN Europe members will benefit from a reduced fee. Click here for more details.
Please email info@odneurope.org if you would like to reserve your place at the discounted rate.
Searching for a New Job? Check Out Featured Opportunities!
OD Network Job Exchange is the most effective forum - whether you're a job seeker or employer - to find opportunities specific to OD.Some of the most recent postings include:
Boston, MA
Posted: 9/3/2015
Lakewood, CO
Posted: 8/28/2015
Birmingham, AL
Posted: 8/26/2015

Battle Creek, IL
Posted: 8/25/2015
Download Synermetric's Second eBook for Free
Synermetric are pleased to present their second eBook for free download, Talent Management: Expert Solutions. This book is a compilation of articles from Synermetric's extended network of consultants, HR personnel, assessment authors and researchers.
As an OD Network member, you can benefit from a 15% discount on Synermetric assessments and services.
Click here for more details regarding the assessments or email for more information on this offer.
Project Connections
For the teams you work on and the teams you support, wouldn't it be great to have easy-to-use tips and tools for getting things done quickly, having great meetings, making good decisions, solving problems, developing your influence and more?
That's what you'll find on the site of our new partner this year, ProjectConnections. There is a lot of free content, including how-to articles and templates on project leadership, management and team effectiveness. Additionally, OD Network members can access their entire database of over 200 premium tools and techniques (e.g., templates, guidelines, worksheets, checklists), plus their monthly premium on-demand mini-courses at a 20 percent discount.
Check out the site! See a sampling of useful links and our special discount on this Web Page.
PD&E Webinar Series
Video Tools, Tactics, Know how – Optimizing Organizational Storytelling for Leadership, Change & Engagement Efforts
Presentedby:Jason Fararooei and Kim Weller, Ph.D.
Thursday, September 24, 2015
Duration: 90 Minutes

Today's stakeholders expect to be engaged with compelling visual narratives. Digital storytelling with video is growing in popularity as a means to build community and engagement, foster learning, and performance improvement, and drive change initiatives.
In this 90 minute webinar, practitioners learn best practices associated with creating videos and media to showcase their organization's compelling stories.
From no budget to some budget and beyond, learners at all skill levels receive easy to implement tactics, storytelling strategies, and the broad-based knowledge of video production equipment needed to capture and produce high quality visual narratives.
Practitioners and leaders will leave this webinar ready to produce their own digital stories today.
Learning Objectives:
• Learn about the power of stories for engagement and influence.
• Gain strategies for creating engaging internal and external messaging in the form of organizational stories.
• Explore best practices for incorporating organizational stories into learning and change initiatives.
• Attain an effective storyboarding technique for producing organizational stories and videos.
• Receive easy to use tactics, production strategies, and broad-based knowledge of video production equipment to produce quality visual narratives.

Please click here to learn more.
ODEA Spotlight: American University
The AU MSOD classroom is a dynamic, challenging space where students learn from scholar-practitioner instructors, each other, and through reflection on their cohort's experiences and their own use of self. The MSOD program is built on a rigorous academic curriculum enriched by experiential learning. In recent years, the MSOD curriculum has been expanded to include international fieldwork experience for each cohort, along with active and engaging online learning outside of the classroom for each course.