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2010 OD Network Webinar Series

OD Network 2010 Archived Webinars

Extraordinary Groups, Presenter: Geoff Bellman

This webinar reflects on research around what distinguishes ordinary groups from an extraordinary groups, exploring the patterns that emerged around why some groups achieve amazing results while others do not.

Engagement is the New Change Management, Presenter: Peggy Holman

Thinking of engagement as the core of effective change management, three experienced practitioners share insights, images and suggestions around the challenges of working with complexity, providing useful advice about how to ensure high engagement responses to complex challenges.

Executive Development as Strategic Intervention, Presenter: June Delano

In this webinar, Delano reflects about what is involved and required to bring an OD-informed, whole system approach to executive development—an approach that builds and reinforces a richly productive cycle between executive learning and evolving strategy, making a positive impact on the bottom line of the organization.

Today's Best Methods for Engaging Whole Systems, Presenter: Peggy Holman

This webinar examines how well-conceived and carefully chosen group processes make it possible to engage a whole system for change, enabling the emergence of what is most important individually and collectively to the organization/community.   (“Emergence =  Increasingly complex order arising out of chaos.”)

OD Evolution: New Ways to Think and Talk about OD Practice, Presenter: Robert J. Marshak, Ph.D., AU/NTL MSOD Program

A delightfully provocative look at how the field of OD is evolving, asking what makes an OD intervention ‘OD’ as opposed to some other kind of consulting, and suggesting there are (at least) two forms of OD emerging:  Diagnostic and Dialogic—that, while sharing some values, have significantly different implications for the theory and practice of OD.

Permanent White Water, Presenter: Peter Vaill

Using ‘white water’ as a metaphor for those “surprising, novel, messy and obtrusive events which cannot be designed or planned out of existence,” this webinar explores the elements of effective organizational leadership that are required when “change itself is changing.”

Transformation for Today's Corporations, Presenter: Darya Funches, Ed.D.

Identifying ‘seven compelling forces for transformation,’ this webinar suggests that traditional understanding and approaches to change can no longer get organizations to where they need to go, proceeding to examine some ways of working effectively with transformation—getting at ‘the root of transformation.’

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