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February 2010

OD Network Loses A Great Spirit, Colleague, and Friend
Nicholas Corne, Director of Finance and Operations

Photo of Randi Rosenberg

It is with great sorrow that I share with you that Randi Rosenberg passed away peacefully in her sleep at St. Vincent's hospital in New York City the morning of February 15th from cancer-related complications.

Randi's contributions to the OD Network and the field of OD were numerous. She began working with us as the driving marketing force for Conference in 2004. It was with her strong contributions that we started seeing a resurgence in the attendance of Conference 2005, membership, and the awareness of the field that continues to this day. As the Director of Conference Sponsor and Exhibitors, she helped a great cast of organizations find the value in the OD Network as an outlet to showcase their products and services.

The contributions Randi made to the Network are just a small part of her story. As a breast cancer survivor in her early-30s, Randi was a founding-member of the Young Survival Coalition, and worked closely with Livestrong, the Lance Armstrong Foundation, as a member of the Youth Adult Alliance Steering Committee. Her story was an inspiration to many young survivors as shared by the American Cancer Society,, Livestrong, and many others. Randi was also adjunct faculty at New York University's Preston Robert Tisch Center for Hospitality, Tourism, and Sports Management.

I had the opportunity to first meet Randi in 2002 when I began volunteering for the Network. Her sense of purpose, clarity in her work, and commitment are still an inspiration and driving force in my own work to this day.

Although small in stature, Randi's personality was larger than life. I'm truly honored to have called her a friend professionally and personally. Eight years of conversations, laughter, and mutual-support have certainly left their mark. For those fortunate enough to share their life with Randi, the absence of her radiance, intelligence, style, flair, and strength will leave a great void, but the wisdom and lessons learned will live on in our lives and in our work.

Randi is survived by her amazing partner, Matt Purdue, and her incredibly beautiful and vibrant daughter Alexandra. Matt and Alexandra are in our thoughts and prayers as well as her family and the many people whom Randi has touched. A spirit like Randi's will surely live on.


November 2007

Annual Business Meeting
Many new developments were announced and discussed at the OD Network annual business meeting, held October 21 at OD Network Conference 2007in Baltimore. The Board of Trustees gave a slide presentation reporting on fiscal, governance, and programming matters.

Executive Director
Board Chair
Strategic Goals


Executive Director
The board also announced the successor to Maggie Hoyer as executive director of the Organization Development Network: Peter Norlin, Ph.D., a longtime member with many years of experience as an organization development professional. Peter will take office on December 1. The board and members thanked Maggie for her service, not only at the meeting but also by presenting her with a plaque at the Conference opening and holding at a reception in her honor on Monday evening.


Board Chair
Another transition announced at the meeting was that Christi Olson, who has accepted the position as president of NTL Institute, is stepping down as chair of the board effective November 1. June E. K. Delano, who was previously elected as chair to begin January 1, will instead assume that role immediately. Christi will remain on the board as past chair until the end of her term on December 31, 2008.


Strategic Goals
Finally, the board reiterated the three strategic goals it announced earlier this year and invited conversation about those goals in roundtable groups. Another opportunity for discussion was held on Wednesday morning of the conference. The board and the new executive director, Peter Norlin, will use the results of these conversations to guide the OD Network's directions in the coming year.

The three strategic goals are important to providing direction to and strengthening our intent to be a leader in advancing the theory and practice of OD.

  1. Define the practice of organization development according to the OD Network
    1. Catalog the actions of organization development
    2. Map the network of related fields
    3. Describe synergies with related fields
    4. Articulate the value to potential users
  2. Be a "network of networks;” an attractor of new ideas; a dynamic organization that generates, socializes and accelerates new ideas
    1. Create a supportive and professional organization in which diverse people thrive
    2. Harness the power of new technologies
    3. Support processes that reach out and engage new voices
    4. Sponsor platforms for divergent and innovative points of view
  3. Accelerate progress on diversity and inclusion; create momentum and a call-to-action
    1. Make a simple, public statement by the board about the OD Network's beliefs and intent
    2. Put our beliefs and intent into practice in the running of the organization, the creation of policy and the monitoring of the OD Network's activities
    3. Catalyze, facilitate and encourage conversations about diversity and inclusion in the formal OD Network, on our website, at the conference, in the board and with our partners.

OD Network Update, October 2007

A Board Communication to OD Network Community
Greetings! We have important updates to share with you regarding new strategic goals for the OD Network and the search for a new Executive Director. We are also excited about how OD Network Conference 2007 is shaping up and look forward to all of us being together in Baltimore to connect and celebrate our work as a community.


Executive Director Search
We are pleased to report that the search for a new Executive Director is proceeding on schedule. The Board recently interviewed a diverse group of qualified candidates presented to us by our executive search firm. We are now in the final round selection process and hope to be able to announce the new Executive Director at OD Network Conference 2007.

We will also be honoring Maggie Hoyer, our outgoing Executive Director, at the conference and hope you will join us in thanking her for her many years of service to the OD Network.


Strategic Goals
At our June 2007 board meeting, we articulated three strategic goals we believe are important to providing direction to and strengthening our intent to be a leader in advancing the theory and practice of OD. We believe these strategic goals are crucially important work, even though they have sometimes proven elusive or difficult to talk about in the past. We are still elaborating on these goals and intend to hold conversations about them at OD Network Conference 2007 as noted below. For now, an outline overview follows:

Strategic Goals:

  1. Define the practice of organization development according to the OD Network
    1. Catalog the actions of organization development
    2. Map the network of related fields
    3. Describe synergies with related fields
    4. Articulate the value to potential users
  2. Be a "network of networks;” an attractor of new ideas; a dynamic organization that generates, socializes and accelerates new ideas
    1. Create a supportive and professional organization in which diverse people thrive
    2. Harness the power of new technologies
    3. Support processes that reach out and engage new voices
    4. Sponsor platforms for divergent and innovative points of view
  3. Accelerate progress on diversity and inclusion; create momentum and a call-to-action
    1. Make a simple, public statement by the board about the OD Network's beliefs and intent
    2. Put our beliefs and intent into practice in the running of the organization, the creation of policy and the monitoring of the OD Network's activities
    3. Catalyze, facilitate and encourage conversations about diversity and inclusion in the formal OD Network, on our website, at the conference, in the board and with our partners.

We hope to begin and accelerate conversation around these goals at the conference. There are two opportunities for all of us to engage around these strategic goals at the conference: Sunday, October 21 during the OD Network Annual Meeting, 4-5 pm, and Wednesday, October 24, 7:30-8:30 am. Information on the meeting agendas will be available at the conference. Given the schedules at conference and the abundance of events, we will most likely try to designate time for each goal across the two meetings so we can start our conversations and figure out a way to sustain our work throughout the year. We fully realize that there will be a limited amount of time to engage these goals at the conference itself. We wanted to start the conversation and look at ways to more fully engage the topics in the coming year. We value and welcome the participation of all members. Please join us.

Looking forward to seeing you online and in Baltimore at OD Network Conference 2007.

Best Regards,
Christi A. Olson, Ph.D.
OD Network, Chair of the Board of Trustees
On behalf of the Board of Trustees


OD Network Update: Transitions, July 2007

This is a year of transitions for the OD Network, and the Board of Trustees continues to work on those transitions. At its June meeting, the Board reviewed the state of the Network and plans for the upcoming OD Network Conference 2007, taking the following steps:

  1. Appointed William H. Harvey, Jr., to a 4-year term starting in January, 2008. The Board has typically had nine or more members, but membership had recently dropped to eight due to earlier-than-expected departures of trustees. The appointment ensures a fully resourced Board during 2008. William is currently Vice President, Global Learning & Development, and Human Resources Director, Corporate Staffs, for Invensys Process Systems in Foxboro. MA. More information about William will be provided in future updates.
  2. Affirmed that there will be a general election in the Spring of 2008 for two Trustees for 6-year terms starting in January, 2009. The terms of two of the current trustees—current Board Chair, Christi Olson, and Secretary, Bob Marshak—will expire at the end of 2008.
  3. Met with Abbott Smith Associates, the executive recruiting firm working with the Board in its search for a new Executive Director for the OD Network. The recruitment plan was reviewed and affirmed with the intention of selecting a new Executive Director within the next 90–120 days. In the coming months, the Board will be working closely with the people at Abbott Smith Associates to ensure that a highly qualified and diverse candidate pool is identified and fully considered. We hope to make an announcement by, or around the time of, OD Network Conference 2007 in late October.
    Anyone who is interested in the position, or who knows someone who might be interested, should send a résumé to or contact Abbott Smith Associates, Download the OD Network Executive Director position description(PDF).
  4. Moved forward on the OD Network strategy, with particular emphasis on initiatives related to diversity and inclusion and on extending the power and reach of our own networks—all in service to advancing the theory and practice of organization development. Details on the evolving strategy will be shared in future updates.


OD Network Update: June 2007

In Memoriam: Donald C. Klein, Ph.D.
Photo of Don KleinThe Organization Development Network is saddened to note the passing of Donald C. Klein, Ph.D., one of the founders of the field of organization development and a founding member of the OD Network. Don died on June 8, 2007, at a meeting of the Society for Community Research and Action, the Community Psychology division of the American Psychological Association—one of the many organizations through which Don made a difference in our field and our lives.

The biography below, taken from Don's website, highlights some of his many achievements and the reasons he will be missed.

  • For more than 35 years Donald C. Klein, Ph.D. consulted with executives and professional leaders of business, government, religious, educational, health, and human service organizations and with citizens involved in local community development programs in the United States and other countries. This work had to do with: increasing organizational effectiveness; mentoring and management development; program development in community mental health; individual, organizational, and community empowerment; and dealing with interpersonal, inter-divisional, and interorganizational differences.
  • Trained in Clinical Psychology at the U. of California at Berkeley (Ph.D., 1952), his earlier work was concerned with community mental health and preventive psychiatry. Since then he focused increasingly on how to empower people to bring about needed change in the groups, organizations, and communities that affect their well-being.
  • From 1978 to 2005, Don was a Core Faculty member of the doctoral program of the Union Institute and University, which offers unique, accredited, non-campus undergraduate and graduate degree programs for adult learners. At the time of his passing, he was Professor Emeritus of the Graduate College of The Union Institute & University.
  • He was associate editor of The Journal of Primary Prevention and a recipient of the Distinguished Practice Award from the Division of Community Psychology, American Psychological Association.
  • A Certified Psychologist, Maryland State Board of Examiners of Psychologists, Donald was also a Diplomate in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, The American Board of Professional Psychology.


OD Network UpdateMarch 2007

Leadership Transitions
From OD Network Board of TrusteesChair Christi Olson

The OD Network Board of Trustees just completed its winter 2007 meeting in Washington, DC. A great deal of our attention was devoted to important leadership transitions that will occur over the next two years.

My term as chair of the Board of Trustees will end December 31, 2007. I will continue serving on the board as past chair for another year before rotating off the board at the end of 2008.

June Delanowas elected to serve as the next chair of the board for a two-year term starting January 1, 2008.

Maggie Hoyer's term as executive director of the OD Network will also end on December 31, 2007. Maggie has been with the OD Network since 1995, the last three years as executive director. These have been critical years for the OD Network as we transitioned to our new mission to be a leader in the field of organization development. Maggie has increased our membership, brought the organization back into the black, led a highly successful branding initiative, and overseen tremendous growth in our offerings, including highly successful conferences. The board greatly appreciates her dedication, loyalty, and service to the OD Network.

Maggie will continue to serve as executive director through the rest of this year. We hope you will find a chance to thank her for her service as opportunities present themselves in coming months. We will be honoring and celebrating Maggie's tenure during OD Network Conference 2007 in Baltimore on October 21–24.

The Board of Trustees has authorized a search process for our next executive director. Watch for further information about this search in the coming months.

In 2008, we will also be holding an election for twopeople to join the Board of Trustees to replace me and Bob Marshak, whose term also expires on December 31, 2008. This is an exciting time for the OD Network, and we hope you will seriously consider possible candidates to serve on the Board, including yourself! Information on the election process will be published in early 2008.

Finally, we want to report that the OD Network is in good health coming off one of our best conferences in many years. We offer high-quality publications, products and services; enjoy a growing membership base; and are in a good and improving financial position. Our plans for 2007 and 2008 call for a greater focus on creating strategies that enable the OD Network to be a leader in "advancing the theory and practice of organization development.”™ To that end, we'll be developing partnerships and continuing to introduce innovations and tools that meet the needs of OD practitioners, clients, and the field.

Christi A. Olson, Ph.D.
Chair of the
OD Network Board of Trustees


OD Network Update — October 2006

The annual business meeting of the Organization Development Network was held October 22 at OD Network Conference 2006 in the San Francisco Bay Area. Executive Director Maggie Hoyer and the Board of Trustees presented information on the OD Network's membership, finances, and progress toward our strategic goals. View the annual meeting slide showto get an overview of the exciting changes we've experienced this year.


OD Network Update — July 2006

Here are some of the ways in which the OD Network has so far addressed the areas of growth and change outlined by Christi Olson, board chair, and Maggie Hoyer, executive director, in their April 2006 message to OD Network members. These steps are part of our commitment to engage with our members and other leaders in "creating tomorrow's organizations today™.”


Board Membership
New members of the OD Network Board of Trustees, elected by our members, will shortly be announced. Our board has always been an exceptionally strong group of committed OD Network members and OD practitioners; we are also growing toward our goal of reflecting the diversity of our membership. Meet the complete Board of Trustees.


Strategic Partnerships and Program Development
We have engaged a business development consultant to identify strategic partners who can contribute robust professional development content for our website and other venues. Meanwhile, we have already established content development partnerships with Karen Stephenson to provide a certificate program in NetForm social network analysis and with Glenda Eoyang of Human Systems Dynamics Institute to provide a diverse array of professional development tools, from books and online articles to webinars and even games. Robin Reed's business acumen certificate program will also debut shortly. Finally, we are developing a full set of opportunities for online learning and discussion in our Theory and Practice Series, Conference Series, and OD Network Live Briefs. You can learn more about all of these developments on our events pages.


OD Network Conference 2006boasts an exceptionally diverse group of keynote speakers and other presenters, thanks to the efforts of the conference planning committee and others. An entire track of concurrent sessions is devoted to Capitalizing on Globalism and Diversity. Juanita Brown, Billie Alban, and Samantha Tan will lead a World Café conversation on the future of OD.

In addition, several people have volunteered to take part in online dialogue and planning this summer and fall with Executive Director Maggie Hoyer, in order to take the OD Network to the next level in addressing multicultural and multigenerational issues both in the Network and in the field.


Since you're here, you cannot have failed to notice that the OD Network has a new look! This website is a major part of our effort to re-position ourselves as a leader in "advancing the theory and practice of organization development,”™ but this is only the tip of the iceberg. All of the substantive initiatives outlined on this page are also part of this effort, along with a host of new printed materials, some of which you can see here, while others will arrive in your snail-mail box.


With the assistance of our new associate director, Nicholas Corne, we are revamping our processes and systems to focus on customer service. As you know, reorganizing entrenched human and technological systems takes time, but you can expect to see major improvements in our ability to serve members' needs over the next few months. The member services area of our website was one of the first areas of focus, and you should already see greater ease of use in this area.

As these improvements come into place, we are positioned to reach out to potential new members, knowing that we can offer them excellent products and services. A direct-mail marketing campaign, including a new brochure that explains the benefits of membership in the OD Network, is slated to be mailed to nearly 25,000 prospective members and OD leaders in August.


Our publicationshave been redesigned to correspond with the OD Network's new identity. You'll see a sharp new look in the online publications Practicing OD and OD Seasonings, as well as in the online version of OD Practitioner. The print OD Practitioner also has a new look, as you'll see when your Summer issue arrives in the mail. Watch, too, for our special Fall edition on Cultures of Participation in Cuba and the USA. Members of OD Network now have full online access to all articles published in OD Practitioner since 2003. We've also added search and sort options for all three publications online to allow easier access to the vital information they contain.


Relationships and Critical Conversations
We have been strengthening our relationships with other OD-related organizations in the USA and abroad. In June, we awarded OD Network Global Service Award 2006 to Don Cole of OD Institute, and we continue conversations on ways in which the OD Network and OD Institute can work together. Executive Director Maggie Hoyer has been a regular at Academy of Management meetings and other conferences. She will be attending the IODA conference in the Netherlands in August and sending a special greeting to the GODS summit in India—and note that both organizations are listed on our partner and international organizationsand OD eventswebpages. Such relationships can strengthen not only the participating organizations but also each partner's ability to serve the field.


Mapping Needs
The Pulse surveyof OD Network members was released in April, providing valuable insight into the needs and wants of our members. Our efforts to strengthen the OD Network will be informed by the results of this survey at least through the end of this year.


Regional Networks
Thanks to the fine work of Laurie Reuben and the rest of the regional leadership team, we are beginning to understand how the regional networks want to relate to the OD Network and what they expect of us. The team conducted a series of focus groups among regional leaders to identify their areas of concern, and we look forward to strengthening our ties with as many regional networks as possible. One area where we've already made progress is here on this website, where regional network leaders can provide up-to-date contact informationand post their professional development and networking eventsfree of charge. The next improvement on the horizon is a shared speakers bureau.


OD Network Update - April 2006

Board Initiatives:Christi A. Olson, Ph.D., Board Chair
New Initiatives and Ongoing Projects: Margaret Franks Hoyer, Executive Director

Board Initiatives

Christi A. Olson, Ph.D., Board Chair
Board Communications to OD Network Community:

Under the leadership of Executive Director Maggie Hoyer, Organization Development Network is engaged in focused initiatives to grow and strengthen OD Network and the field. These are described below.

Board Membership
We will be electing two new board members for 6-year terms starting in 2007. This process is underway; the election will be completed in early June and the results announced shortly thereafter. We have recently appointed two new board members so join us in congratulating and welcoming Chris Young and Kenneth Jones to the Board of Trustees. We also wish to thank Kris Quade and Jeremy Lurey, past board members, for their service and contribution to OD Network. Find out more about
Chris, Kenneth, and other board members.

The Board and Maggie are working in partnership to make progress in three areas this year: strategic partnerships, new initiatives for program development and diversity.

Strategic partnerships. We are developing criteria and actively seeking partnerships that are mutually beneficial to OD Network and the partnering entity. Strategic partnerships are important because they can assist us in gaining new members, provide access to additional resources and opportunities for our members, increase awareness of OD Network to new and different audiences, and enable us to influence and leverage our talents to lead and advance the field. At the Board meeting February 24-26, the board discussed strategic partner criteria and potential types of partnerships. We have just begun work on this initiative and our goal is to bring together two strategic partners in 2006.

New initiatives for program development. The Board introduced a new business model at our 2005 board meeting in Minneapolis. One dimension of the business model calls for OD Network to be one of the premier resource centers or connectors in OD. To this end, the board is seeding a couple of initiatives that include signing up "network thought leaders” to provide tools, resources and certificate programs for development and learning. We are still working on defining this initiative in more detail. We are making progress and hope to begin to roll out the first of these seed projects in the June/July timeframe.

Diversity. We are pursuing actions to create ways and spaces, in person and online, to engage as a community and within the larger system around race and oppression in OD and OD Network, and in organizations at a local and global level. The Board is fully committed to taking action and engaging in dialogue so that substantive progress can be made going forward. Opportunities for dialogue and action include the 2006 conference track on multicultural and multigenerational issues in OD, online forums, a World Café at the 2006 conference hosted by Juanita Brown, and an open conversation at the 2006 OD Network board meeting in San Francisco. We are looking for ways to continue support for building partnerships and dialogue.


Questions for Thought for Action
Lastly, at the Minneapolis conference we posed critical questions to everyone regarding the issues and challenges facing organizations today, and the work ahead. These are listed below. Questions like these are a cornerstone for dialogue about our future and the direction of OD. We will return to these again in San Francisco later this year and keep asking them as a reminder as we go about our work of creating tomorrow's organizations today.

  1. As a field and as professionals, how prepared are we to effectively and positively deal with massive shifts, such as globalization, a multicultural and multigenerational work force, aging, economics, social movements and technology?
  2. What are the emerging models for organizations, leadership, strategy, change management and social systems for the 21st century?
  3. To what extent and why do we need to rethink and reexamine interventions we use in human systems for the 21st century? What is needed and why?
  4. What are the emerging interventions that facilitate different models of organizational effectiveness and health?

We welcome your comments and input. We look forward to seeing you online and at the 2006 OD Network Conference.

Best Regards,
Christi A. Olson, Ph.D.
OD Network, Chair of the Board of Trustees
On behalf of the Board of Trustees


New Initiatives and Ongoing Projects
Margaret Franks Hoyer, Executive Director

Organization Development Network is on the move! We're working on exciting new initiatives and products to help you improve your effectiveness in creating tomorrow's organizations today.


New Brand and Logo
Our 2005 strategic planning and implementation initiative laid the foundation for improvements and new projects that will increase our effectiveness in meeting members' needs. In February, the board of trustees set aside development monies to take OD Network "to the next level” in advancing the theory and practice of OD. Part of this initiative includes branding OD Network as the go-to place for all OD things and people. To highlight our leadership role and value to practitioners and clients, we're launching a new image and redesigning our website with new and enhanced content.

Our 2006 operating budget is being invested in projects to ensure we deliver on this mission. Here are some of the areas of focus:

Conference 2006 will connect you with a diverse group of thought leaders as well as hundreds of other OD professionals. Our conference is designed to help you focus your energies on the issues that matter most to you and your clients. You'll have over 60 sessions and keynotes to choose from centered on five practice "strands” that represent the mission-critical areas OD practitioners must address to help you navigate with ease and get to the solutions you need most:

  • Driving change in systems and organizations
  • Honing OD practice and skills
  • Developing leaders for the future
  • Integrating and connecting OD initiatives, and
  • Capitalizing on workplace difference.

Plan to join us in the San Francisco Bay Area October 22–25 for an intensive and rewarding professional development opportunity you won't find anywhere else.

Membership. The OD Network Board of Trustees has set a growth goal to increase our strength in research and advancing the theory and practice of OD. To attain this goal, we are launching a new direct-mail and online membership acquisition campaign, reaching out to more practitioners, academicians, students, and related professionals. Plus, while managing our growth, we'll be doing everything we can to make your membership in the OD Network positively indispensable—improving the infrastructure needed to support members; making it easier to find what you need, and developing new resources and member benefits to help you improve your practice.

Diversity and multiculturalism. We have a commitment to inclusion and diverse participation in operating all functions of our organization. In addition, we are committed to living our value of social justice. Different activities are planned including an online dialogue and work to attract more diverse participation at conference and in membership. In June 2006, we are launching an online dialogue on race and oppression, multiculturalism and multigenerational issues in the field of OD—and in the organizations we serve.

Publications. In addition to redesigning OD Practitioner, Practicing, and OD Seasonings to coordinate with our new brand, we are revamping our publications to better meet your needs. Special OD Practitioner issues are coming up?

  • The Fall 2006 issue will focus on Cultures of Participation in Cuba and the USA.
  • The Winter 2007 issue will focus on Positive Organization Psychology (social constructionism and more).
  • The Spring 2007 will focus on Diversity and Multiculturalism.

We are always looking for contributions for all issues. For further on information on submitting articles to OD Practitioner, Practicing, and OD Seasonings, please contact Marilyn Blair (+1 303.985.4858) or visit our publications pages.

We're indexing back issues on our website to make it easy for you to find the vital information you need and ensuring that OD Practitioner is available in business libraries across the country.

Job Exchange. Whether you're hiring or seeking new opportunities, JobExchange remains one of OD Network's most valuable offerings. We're working to make it even easier to use, and we've recently added information on OD careers from, so you can see how you measure up in the marketplace.

Email discussions and online dialogues are the happening place if you want to share ideas and debate hot topics in the field of OD. You don't have to be a member to participate—but members are particularly invited!

Critical Conversations. OD Network and our members are participating in critical conversations in the field, including the April conference of the Academy of Management, OD&C conference on curriculum for study of OD. We continue to build our relationship with AoM to focus on scholar-practitioner dialogue in advancing the theory and practice of OD. We are also in conversation with other organizations (such as IODA, OD Institute, India GODs) to partner with their global programs. We're also continuing conversations with Network thought leaders to make their work and tools more readily available through workshops and our web site.

More areas of growth. We'll keep on with even more exciting developments, building on the work of our strategic planning and implementation team:

  • Mapping out areas of need in the field and developing a plan for how OD Network can further address those needs. The PULSE survey results will be available on our website next week.
  • Strengthening relations with the regional OD networks to build a stronger, more coherent OD community as well as expediting information sharing and strengthening our shared voice on the future of OD.

Email Laurie Reuben

We're really excited about our future, our moving the organization to address member and field needs and the exciting new initiatives and products to help you improve your effectiveness in "creating tomorrow's organizations today.” I welcome your ideas and comments and encourage you to send me your feedback on any of these initiatives and projects.


Margaret Franks Hoyer
Executive Director

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