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Email Discussion Help


1. How do I change my email address? Name? Password? Unsubscribe?
All of our lists are self-managing, and each has its own web page (see below) where you can change your email address, your name, delivery options, password, and unsubscribe. If you're subscribed to more than one list, you may also change options globally -- for all odnet email lists -- at the same time.

2. How do I retrieve (learn) my password?
Simply click the 'Password Reminder' button on the page for the list

3. I'd like to stop receiving mailings from the list for a while. Do I have to unsubscribe?
No! That's not necessary. Visit your list's web page (see below) to change your "Mail Delivery" option to "Disable," but don't forget to change it back to "Enable" when you return!

4. I can't keep up with the large number of messages from the list. Should I unsubscribe from the list?
No! If you're getting too much mail, you can subscribe to our digest format, which sends all of the day's mail out in one message at midnight. Visit your list's web page (see below) to "Change Options."

5. I'm receiving mail from the list, but when I send a message to the list, it is returned with a message that says I'm not a member. What does this mean?
It is likely that your address for receiving mail has been changed, and that mail sent to your old address is being forwarded to your new address. But our system doesn't know that, and still has you registered at your old address. See the first item above to fix this.

6. There was a message last week that I wanted to save but can't find. Should I send a note to the list asking for someone to send me a copy?
A better way is to go to the archives, which we keep for all of our OD Network email lists. Visit your list's web page (see below), click on "Archives," then you can search on words, authors, dates, subjects, etc

7. Is the list open to students and researchers?
We warmly welcome students and others doing academic research, and suggest you begin with our list archives (see above.) If you don't find what you're looking for, please feel free to write to the list, but we ask that you tell us about your assignment and give us some context, such as your professor's name, the school's name, your research interests, etc.

8. Is it okay to market my product or service on the OD Network email lists?
It is not acceptable to join our lists for the purpose of advertising. These are for sharing ideas and building community. While your expertise is certainly something that contributes to the list, we would ask that you refrain from blatantly marketing your services. *Occasional* announcements about training courses and open seminars and programs are welcome, as long as they are clearly labeled "commercial" or "advertisement" in the subject line.

9. Can I send attachments with my messages?
No. Attachments are not allowed, in order to prevent the possible spread of computer viruses.

10. Can I send messages with embedded graphics (sometimes called "HTML mail")?
No, because some messages can contain or load programs which are similar to computer viruses. If your message is rejected, configure your email program to send only "text" or "ascii" messages. Visit for details.

11. Is there another way I can send messages to the list?
Yes. Go to the page for your list (click the name on in the navigation menu and then click 'Send Message to List'.

12. I'm not a member of the OD Network. How much to do I have to pay to belong to the OD Network email lists?
Nothing! All of our lists are free, and are open to anyone interested in the field of organization development. However, if you're interested in the content of the list, you may be interested in joining the Organization Development Network.

13. Who is responsible for the OD Network email lists?
All of our OD Network email lists are maintained by listservants (members of the Organization Development Network who volunteer their time).

14. Other Questions?
Read our List Norms and Netiquette page.

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