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ODNet (Main List)

ODNet Discussion

List Purpose

The Organization Development Network (OD Network) sponsors this mailing list to create spaces where Organization Development professionals (new and old) can dialog with each other about our work, our field, and ourselves.

Who Can Subscribe

The list is open to anyone who can receive electronic mail. We welcome anyone who would like to engage in conversation about our field, including practitioners, teachers, students, and clients of our work. We particularly welcome people with diverse perspectives on the world and on our work.


Representative topics on this ODNet list include:

  • The future of OD
  • What kinds of "interventions” are most effective
  • How we keep our sanity and balance
  • Client critiques of what they find effective and ineffective
  • How can we link together using the Internet etc.
  • Questions and help needed etc.


Subscribing and all other functions can be done easily using the subscription form. Follow instructions carefully.

We encourage you to write a brief note introducing yourself shortly after joining a list.

Sending to the List

When sending a message to the list, you may NOT send attachments (including Microsoft Outlook "vcards") or HTML content (colors, fonts, pictures). This is to avoid rare, but potentially serious, security problems including transmitting viruses to list subscribers.


Changing Member Options

You can change or retrieve your password, set the To/From Digest, suspend mailings, and change your email address or name using the member options form.

You can set the "Mail Delivery" option to "Disabled" to suspend messages (for vacations, travel, etc. when you do not wish to receive mail) and reset it to "Enabled" when you return. This is easier than unsubscribing and resubscribing. You can set this option for all lists at once from any list.


For security, you will have to respond to a message sent to your email address to complete the unsubscribe process.

List Archives

The full text of the list archives can be searched - by any words in the text including author. The archives can also be searched by date. This is useful if you wish to follow a single discussion.

If you do not know your list password, request it be sent to you before trying to access the archives. We advise changing your password to something you can remember. You may make this easier by using the option to set the password for all lists at one time.


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