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How OD Network Members Connect

by Lori Blander

The OD Network is committed to making sure our members have a well-rounded experience that fosters growth, networking, contribution to the field, and building relationships. At the OD Network, we have made our all-around member experience a priority and have made significant strides to being the premier organization for all who work in our field.

Two axes bound the Network’s 2017-2020 strategy: the Global OD Practice Framework™ and Member Experience.  Membership experience is based on the value derived by the individuals and groups who the heart and soul of our organization and are paramount to our collective success.  All committees and outcomes have an element of member experience tied to them.  Additionally, OD Network board members and volunteers work on various committees, bringing their interests, skillsets they possess, and a passion for the growth of the field and Network. The OD Network membership is comprised of internal and external practitioners, public and private sector, various industries, academia, specialists in different areas of OD, and both US based and global practitioners. As the strength in our membership is in our diversity, we must also have diversity in the team that drives what the OD Network offers.

One of the greatest attributes of the OD Network is that we have members who span the entire OD lifecycle. We have wonderful sages who are the pioneers in our field, to graduate students who are still finding their way and discovering their own OD passions. We strive to be a Network that welcomes and embraces all practitioners, at all stages of their careers. Because of this, practitioners are exposed to new and fresh ideas, different application of theory, and have a vast network to connect with when advice or direction is needed.

Truly connecting members requires a two dimensional approach.  The first is our “Network-to-Member” focus. This includes information and topics from the Network to our membership base including our publications, email announcements, research, registration and onboarding, webinars, OD Network Website, and ongoing member care. The second dimension is our “Peer-to-Peer” connections. These are our OD Network programs such as the annual conference, virtual spaces such as social media, blogs, interactive aspects of our website/publications, and regional get-togethers.

We have many new member initiatives that have been implemented over the past year. One opportunity that has allowed for tremendous interaction within our OD community is our monthly Chair Chat. Each month, our Board Chair leads a “virtual face-to-face” discussion on a pre-determined, announced topic that is current and relevant in our field. Participants then bring their questions, comments, and/or experience to the event and a robust roundtable discussion takes place.

The Welcome Group Program is another initiative that offers new members a chance to meet each other and develop relationships that can help them get the most out of the Network. These 90-minute sessions provide details about Network resources and make personal connections with other members. Learn more about the Welcome Group Program.

A third successful initiative has been our Talent Connect Program. This is a program that enables  members to get involved in several areas of the Network, meet and work with other practitioners all while helping to  grow the Network. We encourage our members to get involved, help drive decisions, and work towards growing the Network in various areas. To learn more, email

We want each and every member to CONNECT and experience all the OD Network has to offer. Together, we are what drives us. We always want to hear from you, work with you, and build the Network together through a constant connection.

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