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OD Skills for the Future: Growing Our Practice as the World Changes

After 50 years the OD Network is still the place to connect with one another, grow together as practitioners, and create meaning and impact in our profession. In the coming years, we are working to provide professional certification as well. Certification has been a topic of importance for members of OD Network for a long time — and we are listening. Certification will positively impact a practitioner’s professional development and performance, strengthen and grow our field of practice, and promote a global understanding of OD. Certification builds on and supplements the organization development education provided by all out OD Education Association members, and complements the body of skills and knowledge of the Global OD Practice Framework™.

The GROW element of our three-year strategic plan includes the Certification 2020 Initiative, where OD Network is committed to design and deliver practitioner certification by the year 2020. OD certification awarded through OD Network will be recognized worldwide as having accepted professional standards and competencies in the Global OD Practice Framework™. Achieving and maintaining OD certification will further elevate a practitioner’s credibility in each of the core capabilities as business advisor, credible strategist, informed consultant, system change expert, and efficient designer.

We are excited as we undertake this important endeavor. There are many challenges, and many more possibilities. This effort is unique in that it will require a three-year planning cycle and significant amount of financial investment on the part of OD Network. For this effort to be meaningful and impactful, it must be community-led. We want to engage the ideas and inputs of scholars, practitioners, and employer organizations, and work with academic institutions, regional affiliates and international associates.

This is a dialogic moment in the history of the OD Network, where our conversation is not centered on “to certify or not certify,” but how to give content and form to a professional certification that embraces the variety of practices and the multitudes of expertise that represent OD as a field. This is not a simple task. While recognizing the challenges, we also want to share the possibilities: Can we share in this discover-dream-design-destiny journey together? More than ever, we need the voices of our fellow scholars and practitioners to contribute in the expression and activation of this dream.

We invite you to consider taking part in the any of the following campaigns over the next 6 months.

  • Convene your networks of OD practitioners and let us know what the external consultant, internal consultant, and academic professional groups envision for OD certification. We have a list of starter questions to get the conversations underway!
  • If you are a graduate or doctoral student member of the OD Network, we want to hear about your experiences to better relate to the marketplace challenges that you confront. Share your story!
  • Join us as subject matter experts to identify and curate critical educational content and develop the suite of assessment resources for individuals, teams, and organizations. Reach out to learn more!
  • Help us connect with employer organizations of OD professionals, and find out what is expected from OD certification. Let's make this relevant and useful for organizations too.
  • If you know other OD-oriented associations that would be interesting in collaborating with us ... make the introduction.

We can't do this alone, and without your involvement as the members of OD Network—we may never have the OD certification that we individually dream about, and certainly not possible without us working together collectively. Reach out to to share your thoughts and please join us to discover, dream, design, and deliver OD certification.

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