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2017 Annual Conference


The Call of Our Time: OD Innovating for Impact

Pre-conference sessions provide a unique opportunity to dive deep into your areas of interest within the world of Organization Development. Be sure to sign up for the session(s) of your choice when you register! All sessions are held on Saturday, October 14.

You can register for the full-day workshop, a half-day workshop, or one morning and one afternoon session.

Registration Fees

Member Type

Early Bird

Received by 8.31.2017


Received after 8.31.2017

Pre-Conference, Full Day (Member)

By 8/31: $350

After 8/31: $450

Pre-Conference, Full Day (Non-Member)

By 8/31: $475

After 8/31: $575

Pre-Conference, Half Day (Member)

By 8/31: $250

After 8/31: $350

Pre-Conference, Half Day (Non-Member)

By 8/31: $375

After 8/31: $475

Full Day Session


Installing a "Behavioral Operating System": An Innovative Platform for Effective and Healthy Organization Development

Saturday, October 14
9:00 am – 4:00 pm
Lunch provided

This deep dive is for OD/HR professionals and consultants seeking innovations focused on behavior as both the key driver and a critical reflection of all development efforts. During this highly interactive workshop style day, you’ll be introduced to an innovative and uniquely effective behavioral platform — or behavioral operating system — that can be leveraged to measure, monitor, and manage behavioral quality throughout an organization. Illustrative real-world examples, exercises, and individual work will facilitate learning about how to leverage a behavior-based platform with key human management functions. This will help to improve all forms of accountability and collaboration and realize better performance. The session will also illuminate an innovative approach to using a common behavioral language to enable a truly shared experience that can make cultural change a sustainable aspect of all organizational improvement. Each attendee will walk away with proprietary tools, documentation, and a personalized BehavioralOS™ integration plan. Don't miss out — behavior is where the action is!

Presented by: Matt Stone, JD, Chief Operating Officer, Temenos, Inc. — USA; Irv Rubin PhD, CEO, Temenos Inc. — USA

Half Day Session — Morning


Leading the Digital Enterprise

Saturday, October 14
9:00 am – 12:00 pm

This engaging and innovative workshop will accomplish three key goals. First, Dr. Jules and Dr. Keene will share Accenture Strategy’s perspective on the macro and mega game-changing digital trends impacting leadership and employee engagement. Second, participants will discuss the impact these trends have on leadership and efforts to facilitate cultural change and collectively answer the following questions: What is required of and from leaders of companies, institutions, and communities within a digital revolution and a digital tomorrow? And how do OD leaders facilitate the new capabilities needed for tomorrow while also leveraging technology to create more humane work environments? Finally, participants will work together to generate ideas and high-level action plans for how leaders within their organizations can develop new and innovative mindsets; they will harness new technologies to engage and empower their employees and positively impact their customers and communities.

Presented by: Claudy Jules, PhD, Managing Director, Accenture Strategy and Head of Leadership Consulting Practice, Accenture Strategy — USA; Barrett Keene, PhD, Manager, Accenture Strategy — USA


Taking Care of Business — with the Enneagram!

Saturday, October 14
9:00 am – 12:00 pm

This highly-interactive session will showcase the growing use of the Enneagram in the workplace as an organization development tool, team-building aid, executive coaching foundation, decision-making framework, strategic planning model, and innovation-driving force. Participants will learn how to introduce the Enneagram into the workplace in a non-threatening, interactive, and competitive way, leading to its immediate practical adoption. Participants will work together to identify practical applications of the Enneagram to their clients' current needs. Attendees who register in advance will be provided with their complimentary individual links to take the iEQ9 Enneagram assessment (a $100 value!) prior to the conference and receive their personal reports and group debrief during the workshop.

Presented by: R. Karl Hebenstreit, PhD, ACC, PHR, Organization Development Consultant & Executive Coach, Perform & Function, LLC — USA


Embodied Perspective: Gameful Approaches to Perspective-taking at the Intersection of Design, Improv and OD

Saturday, October 14
9:00 am – 12:00 pm

Conversation can be tough these days. The challenges we face in organizations, communities and teams are not just complicated, they are complex and often chaotic. We need the ability to explore complexity from multiple perspectives to help build understanding and shape choices so we can support informed decision-making. As facilitators and hosts, how might we engage participants to build empathy and explore diverse approaches to inquiry? In this interactive session you will learn three frameworks that explore multiple dimensions and perspectives. Experience each framework in a gameful way that encourages participants to embody their perspective. Walk away with a toolbox drawn from design thinking, improvisation, integral theory, mediation and OD. Take part in a spectrogram and experience heightening polarity to explore group differences. Zoom in and zoom out exploring ego-, ethno-, and world-centric points of view. Join me and explore new perspectives that will enrich your next client engagement!

Presented by: Stephanie Brown MSO, Collaboration Designer & Graphic Facilitator, 10X Collective, LLC — USA

Half Day Sessions — Afternoon


Integrating the Best of the Old and the New: The Application of T-groups, Mindfulness, and Other Theories and Methods to Business Culture Transformation

Saturday, October 14
1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

This session will explore an integrative business culture change method, including a live demo of Crosby's unique adaptation of T-group methodology. To achieve whole systems change, the OD practitioner and the client system require a transformation of and use of self. The practitioner and a critical mass must be able to differentiate from one moment, and connect deeply to the next. They must heed the words of Gandhi and "be the change you wish to see in the world." T-group methodology, when applied to the understanding of immediate interactions, is one of the most powerful methods for bringing mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and other aspects of self to full potential. Gilmore Crosby has been learning from T-groups since the 1970s and applying T-group methodology to OD since 1984. 2016 Lifetime Achievement winner, Robert P. Crosby, Gilmore’s mentor and father, happened upon his first T-group in 1953. The elder Crosby developed his own Business Culture Change method, which incorporates the work of Lewin, Lippitt, Friedman, Wallen, Conner, Goleman and others. Gilmore Crosby and his associates continue to develop, assess, integrate and/or challenge new theories and methods.

Presented by: Gilmore Crosby, MSW, President, Crosby & Associates — USA


Four Shots of Energy to Fuel Innovative Change: A Practical Workshop to Build Group Capabilities

Saturday, October 14
1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Using experiential exercises, we introduce 4 tools to address a challenge in OD practice: how to quickly boost a group's readiness to engage in innovation. As with baseball's spring training, we design a pre-season where the group facing innovation strengthens essential capabilities before stepping to the plate. Groups need practice to produce innovation well. You experience and discuss four engaging, outcome-focused exercises (four Corners, Analogies, Sit-Role Play, and Photo Images). These highlight essential competencies for innovative thinking: engaging emotional energy and empathy, ensuring an equal voice in the dialogue, building agility to hold multiple truths, and strengthening readiness to use a systems perspective. These tools aren't ice-breakers or post-lunch wake-ups. Based on our own practice experience, each activity builds the repertoire for creating a shift in the group through engagement in intentional practices. What portfolio of innovation-readiness activities are you inspired to create as an outcome of this session?

Presented by: Katherine Farquhar, PhD, ACC, Principal, Farquhar Change Associates, LLC — USA & Kimberly Rattley, MSW, President, Creative Synergy Solutions, Inc. — USA


Organizational Network Analysis as a Tool for Visualizing Organizational Relationships — Approach and Applications

Saturday, October 14
1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) maps how people interact, relate, and get work done. Through technology and analytics, ONA enables organizations to discover relationships and utilize the influence of informal human networks to lead to impactful OD advancements and the development of healthy human systems in organizations. Organizations can diagnose complex workforce and knowledge issues, leveraging their social capital to drive business results and identify influencers to build network collaborations and innovations when designing organization structures and transition/implementation plans. Over the past year, Deloitte conducted a series of ONAs by collecting active data (survey responses) and passive data (information network monitoring) on individuals' connections and developing network diagrams to inform interventions driving collaboration for business requirements and program improvement. We will demonstrate how ONA offers an enterprise view into an organization's social networks and operations to inform organization effectiveness interventions and innovations.

Presented by: Alanna Houck, MBA, Senior Consultant, Deloitte Consulting, USA; Michelle Lane, Specialist Leader, Deloitte Consulting, USA; Sarah Smith, MA, Senior Consultant, Deloitte Consulting, USA

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