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OD Through the Lens of Visions

Piyasorn “Pete” Rodseeri

Pete is an Apprentice Consultant at VISIONS Inc. a non-profit organization where he co-facilitates cross-cultural dialog towards promoting greater inclusiveness in organizations.

Over the past three years he has worked at Alliant International University as a Research Assistant for the Senior Associate Professor of the Organizational Psychology Department. He is also a Private Tutor for Clinical Psychology doctoral students and focuses on creating individualized metacognitive approaches for teaching APA writing mechanics and reporting.

Pete is currently completing his Doctorate in Psychology with a concentration in Organization Development with the California School of Professional Psychology at Alliant International University in Fresno, California; and hopes to teach Cultural Competency upon graduation.

Pete is very excited to work on his Research Project and Program Evaluation of a California Mental Health Services Act, Innovation Program which promotes alternative forms of mental health services and activities for local underserved Southeast Asian and Hispanic communities.


OD Through the Lens of Visions  

In this paper I will be describing how I experienced OD in my organization, VISIONS, Inc. I’ve recently adopted a personal approach to change and equity where individual and group experiential learning occurs through dialogical examination of modern oppression on the personal, interpersonal, cultural, and institutional levels.  This is a continuous process which enables participants to identify and challenge historical and modern “isms” regarding racism, sexism, ageism, and classism; in identifying and resolving various forms of social biases and oppression. Throughout the workshop participants learn how to recognize, appreciate, and benefit from individual and group differences, and thus cultivate inclusion within organizations. Facilitators emphasize individual’s need to develop awareness of assumptions, behaviors, and unconscious beliefs as a step in helping to bring about organizational change. The change-agent uses self as an instrument as part of the learning environment. This approach eliminates the shame, blame, and stigma associated with social differences, thereby creating a safe-space for dialog on age, race, gender, class, and sexual orientation inequities.  Our goal is to create and support new guiding principles for participants, which will have an everlasting affect in the way each individual perceives, thinks about, and responds to, individual and group differences.

In concluding each workshop participants create a personalized contract for summarily sharing their learnings within the domains of “thoughts”, “feelings”, and “doings”. 

Thoughts: I gained knowledge about how cultural assumptions shape unconscious biases about people and how I’ve changed; and I believe I will have a lasting impact on people I interact with towards creating inclusiveness within my organization and beyond.

Feelings: I feel joyful I’ve become the cultural-change-agent I thought I could be, even as a beginner that I was; and I’m empowered knowing that I learned how to holistically re frame my perceptions of differences.

Doings: I’ll be the catalyst for positive change as I embody the inclusive way of being and will instill this within others through my interactions; and I’ll continue to seek unfamiliar cultural experiences with my new awareness of how to approach individuals with differing values, beliefs, and practices.      

 My mentors have positively reinforced my personal and professional approach towards change and equity during my invaluable and ever-evolving consulting experience. I recall my first day as an apprentice in “trying on” new modes of thought and emotion of others who were unlike me or anyone I’ve known; and how this form of openness with mindfulness supported my awareness of both content and processes during my practice of “both/and thinking”. This has been the most therapeutic and enlightening experience I’ve had in expanding my view of diversity in every sense of the notion into something much more meaningful and democratic.  OD practitioners may be mindful of integrating diversity and inclusion in change initiatives utilizing these promising processes for engaging inclusion through group-work, which reflect Kurt Lewin’s vision for improving humanity.  OD truly has the potential to influence profound change through diversity and inclusion efforts within organizations and—onto this new world. 

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