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Dissertation Research Letter

Dissertation Research Letter

Dear Organization Development (OD) Practitioner:

I am writing to ask you two things.

First, I am asking you to consider participating in my doctoral dissertation research if you are an internal OD practitioner, and second, I am asking you to nominate others who meet the criteria I lay out below.

First, to you: I am studying the role internal OD practitioners play in organizations that have adopted an approach to sustainability, including mission, strategy, initiative, and / or program. I am interested in the views of both internal OD practitioners who are participating in changes for sustainability and internal OD practitioners employed by an organization making such changes but who are not involved in those changes. No organization will be involved in this study nor will the organization be identified in the study’s documents. You will not be identified in any way in the study.

If you meet the following criteria, and are interested in participating in my research, please indicate your interest and send an email to me at:

I plan to begin collecting data as soon as possible. If you wish to be involved in this study, please include an email address I can use to communicate with you.

Second: If you know someone else who meets the criteria (below) would you kindly send me an email at the above email address and I will contact them. Please know that whoever you nominate will not know that you nominated them, nor will they know your identity. Further, if your nominee is invited, I will not let him/her know that they were nominated or by whom.

Here are the criteria the research participant must meet.

 -     Serve at a senior level in their organization, for example, as senior OD professional, lead worker, supervisor, manager, or director;

-    Have been employed in their organization for at least five years;

-    Carry formal responsibility in their position description for some OD activities in their organization, such as activities focused on human relationships; strategy, structure, process, or program change; or new OD activities such as complexity and chaos or dialogical activities such as appreciative inquiry

-    Be employed by an organization with a mission, strategy, initiative, or program in sustainability;

-    Use English for spoken and written language;

-    It is not necessary to have the term “organization development” in your job title.

If you meet the criteria and are willing to participate, you will be engaged in an interview for 90-120 minutes. Once the interview is complete, I will have your comments transcribed to text. You will be provided an opportunity to review your comments and add, delete or modify them. This should take no more than an additional 30 minutes of your time.

At the time you respond, I may have already received a number of responses to this invitation. If that is the case, I will notify you of that situation as I will not be able to use your case.

In advance, thank you and I look forward to hearing from you regarding your interest and your nomination of others.

Julie Smendzuik-O’Brien, PhD student

Fielding Graduate University

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