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A Great Lineup of Keynote Speakers for 2011

The OD Network has loaded the 2011 conference with experts in business, organization development, product development, and project management. Each speaker will discuss factors affecting how we run our organizations today and issues impacting how they’ll be run in the future.

Here’s a quick look at what you can expect to hear:

Sunday, October 30

Kickoff Keynote Session: Emerging Faces of Corporations and New Shapes of OD
Who: Darya Funches
Brief Description:Dr. Darya Funches is one of the leading thinkers in the field of Organization Development and is the current Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Organization Development Network as well as Founder and Princpal of REAP Unlimited, a firm committed to helping leaders, organizations, communities and nations reach their highest potential. She will explore the visible and invisible faces of corporations and present a view of how corporations will emerge from the current environment which is calling for increased transparency and accountability within corporations and re-establishing relationships between corporations and society on the whole Societal and economic changes are creating new opportunities for change and transformation. Dr. Funches will present her view on how corporations need to respond and the implications for the OD profession and the valuable roles we can play.

Monday, October 31

Keynote Presentation: Coming soon!
Who: Chris Worley
Brief Description: A third management reset is taking place. The first reset occurred when exploding consumer demand and mass production technology combined to form traditional command and control organizations. The second management reset occurred when Douglas McGregor suggested that people were not mindless dolts needing more supervision but sources of enormous creativity and productivity. During the second reset, OD mattered; today there are doubts about OD’s role and relevance. This presentation will describe the characteristics of the third management reset and the role OD can play in its emergence. A redefined OD that integrates what it knows with the design principles that organizations need can drive sustainable effectiveness—economic performance, social justice and cultural diversity, and ecological health.

Keynote Three: Self-as-Instrument of Change: A Leadership and Learning Journey Through Corporate America
Who: Kaye Foster-Cheek
Brief Description: In this open, authentic look at one woman's career journey, you'll hear how the many lessons she learned, unlearned, and re-learned, over thirty-plus years in corporate America, have led from a seat at one of the world's largest executive tables (Johnson & Johnson) to a seat at one of the most exciting biotech executive tables (Onyx Pharmaceuticals), and a journey clear across the country. Along the way we'll focus on her commitment to her own personal learning and self-discovery, her thoughts about the inevitable evolution of Human Resources and OD partnerships, and her belief that OD is a CEO's most powerful tool.


Tuesday, November 1

Morning Keynote: Leading Change, By Design
Who: Tom Lockwood
Brief Description: There is no doubt about the buzz around design today. But what lies below the surface of cool products and thoughtful services is an amazing ability to drive change—in organizations, in customer experiences, and even in business models. Design is, in fact, an agent of change. Because we don’t design what is, we design what is to come. Design is about creating preferred futures, and the influence of designers and design managers is more than one might initially think. Lockwood will share key insights about the role of design in business, the process of design thinking, and how design can be a catalyst to help move an organization to desired outcomes.

Wednesday, November 2

Morning Keynote: The Maestro at Work
Who: Itay Talgam
Brief Description: In the orchestra as in the workplace, music has the power to create community and reinforce shared values, and Itay Talgam founded the "Maestro Programs” to show how music-making embodies knowledge and innovation, requires individual and collective achievement, and offers a work environment filled with opportunities for excellence and self-actualization—just as in any successful business. The elements essential for achieving world-class orchestral performances, especially through the leadership of sensitive, inspired conductors, are powerful metaphors for success in all organizations, and Talgam will show how the dynamics between conductors, players, and audiences offer inspiring new insights into leadership, management, and teamwork.



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