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March Network News Diversity Article

OD Network’s Committee on Culture, Diversity and Inclusion

Norm Jones Ph.D, Chair CD&I Committee

OD Network is committed to building a sustainable culture of inclusion that creatively uses diversity to advance its work.  It is our hope that members will share their knowledge, participate in professional learning activities and contribute their diverse experiences and perspectives to advance both the theory and practice of OD in domestic and global contexts.  An inclusive culture will increase member participation, enhance mutual learning, foster new professional alliances and create greater economic success for members and stakeholders.  Ultimately, our collective impact as culturally competent practitioners will benefit clients and organizations where we work.  The Culture, Diversity & Inclusion (CD&I) Committee is an outgrowth of OD Network’s 2013-2015 Strategic Plan. One of the strategic goals of the plan is to “transform our culture of inclusion through expansion of values and practices.”  

There are four objectives included in this goal:

  1. Ensure all OD Network programs and activities expand the culture of inclusion
  2. Develop a strong business perspective as part of the OD Network’s culture and the field of Organization Development.
  3. Develop an OD Network culture and structure that are viable for global, local/regional and entrepreneurial activities and partnerships.
  4. Develop the next generation of emerging leaders and practitioners for the field.


It is important that members understand the business case for the creation of a stand-alone committee dedicated to work around culture, diversity and inclusion: 

  • In an age of increased globalization, the need to deploy inclusive practices is essential to remaining relevant in the 21st century
  • Increased member awareness of predictable diversity dynamics and their impacts on individuals, teams and client organizations.
  • Increased/enhanced multigenerational and cross-cultural learning, collaboration and innovation within OD Network
  • Empowered members to help client organizations build cultures of inclusion
  • Increased member engagement.

The Culture, Diversity and Inclusion (CD&I) Committee is guided by a set of specific principles we refer to collectively as “MACRI”: Mindfulness, Accountability, Cooperation, Respect and Inclusion. Applying these principles to all aspects of OD Network governance and participation will ensure that our culture remains welcoming to all and responsive to specific member needs.  The following examples illustrate how the principles work: 

  • Mindfulness pertains to how we increase our cultural competence
  • Accountability pertains to how we manage our work environment
  • Cooperation pertains to how we work together
  • Respect pertains to how we treat each other
  • Inclusion pertains to how we organize and make decisions

In the coming months, we look forward to sharing our work with you as we think together and work collectively to ensure a culture of diversity and inclusion both within the OD Network community and in the communities to which we as members are connected. 

For more information on how to join the committee or learn more about our work please email Norm Jones, Ph.D., CD&I Committee Chair.  

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