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Special Sessions

Pecha Kucha Exchange:
OD Ideas in 6 Minutes, 40 Seconds

 The Pecha Kucha Exchange at the ODN 2011 Conference will take place on Wednesday, November 2nd from 8:45 AM - 10:15 AM. If you are interested in being a Pecha Kucha presenter, please email Presenters will be asked to deliver a 6 min. 40 sec. presentation in "pecha kucha" (pronounced "pot-che-ka-schka") format.

Presentation Topic

Your pecha kucha presentation should focus on a dynamic your organization is currently dealing with, has recently dealt with, or is anticipating, and how you are reinforcing culture in response. To help fuel your thinking, examples of dynamics you might consider are:

  • Changes in leadership
  • Large-scale trends, such as demographic shifts or technological advances
  • Government, economic, or regulatory changes that affect your company
  • Industry-specific trends/changes
  • Mergers/acquisitions
  • Major organizational successes or crises

For your presentation, our hope is to come away understanding...

  • Your company's culture
  • The dynamic you are dealing with
  • How this dynamic affects your company and its culture
  • How you are reinforcing culture in anticipation or response
  • Best practices you can share, challenges faced, & lessons learned


Pecha Kucha Presentation Instructions

Pecha kucha is an energetic style of presentation which is very brief and follows these guidelines:

  • The presentation includes exactly 20 PowerPoint slides
  • Each slide is only on screen for exactly 20 seconds, and advances automatically while you are speaking (or while you are standing there waiting for the slide to advance :))

Tips for effective pecha kucha presentations:

For an excellent example of pecha kucha, please see:


PowerPoint Template

All slide decks should use the template provided, which already has the timing/advancements settings in place.

  • You can customize visually, but please don't alter the timing settings.
  • You will not be able to use animation (such as "fly in") features.
  • Please use all 20 slides.

If at all possible, please send completed presentations in advance of the meeting to and For those who are more "just in time", please bring on a thumb drive.

Good luck!!


Bonus Event: The OD/HR Conference-Within-a-Conference (CwiC)
The OD/HR Relationship: How Collaboration Can Strengthen Both!


The CwiC is an HR/OD-focused experience within Conference 2011. For no additional fee, CwiC attendees have six special options.  They can participate in three CwiC sessions, held on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday as well as choose from three additional concurrent sessions Monday and Tuesday. The CwiC sessions will focus on how major companies like Disney strengthen HR/OD collaboration, build OD competency and structure the HR/OD relationship. Each session will include ample time for discussion with the presenters, networking and best practice sharing with your fellow participants, and previews of Conference 2011 sessions of special interest to CwiC attendees. (All conference Keynote addresses and other conference events are open to CwiC participants.) Please join us for this very special experience. Listed below are the CwiC sessions.



  • Sunday, October 30th, 2:15 PM – 3:45 PM:
    Featured CwiC Session
    FEA1: Building on Each Other’s’ Strengths - What Creates an Effective OD/HR Relationship?
    Presented by Chris Trout, Vice President, Human Resources, Walt Disney Parks & Resorts; Barbara Bunker, University of Buffalo & the Portsmouth Consulting Group and Dick Axelrod, the Axelrod Group
    Chris Trout, Vice President of Human Resources, Walt Disney Imagineering, will speak about the emerging collaboration of HR and OD at Disney designed to extend the capacity of both functions.   Chris will be joined by two Disney colleagues—one in OD and one in HR—who will add their perspectives and experiences to his presentation.  Chris’s presentation will be followed by table discussions, questions, and comments; the session will end with a review of other HR-related Conference sessions, as well as a preview of CwiC sessions on Monday and Tuesday.
  • Monday, October 31st, 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM  CwiC session 2
    B4: What Basic OD Knowledge and Skills Do HR Business Partners Need to Be Effective?
    Presented by Barbara Bunker, University of Buffalo & the Portsmouth Consulting Group, and Dick Axelrod, the Axelrod Group
    Axelrod and Bunker will present their rationale for providing HR Business Partners with specific, core OD concepts using examples from companies such as Disney and Novartis. They will propose a model of the theory and skills needed in three areas: 1) identifying the "basics,” including core consulting skills; 2) supporting groups and teams – and meetings; and 3) using systems-level interventions, including change management and employee engagement. David Jamieson will provide invited commentary and facilitate group conversation.
  • Tuesday, November 1st, 3:45 PM – 5:15 PM: CwiC session 3
    G1: Models of OD and HR Collaboration – Choices and Possibilities
    Presented by David Jamieson, University of St. Thomas; Judy Vogel, Vogel/Glaser & Associates, Inc., Barbara Bunker, University of Buffalo & the Portsmouth Consulting Group and Dick Axelrod, the Axelrod Group
    David and Judy will discuss three issues that influence the development of the optimal organizational structure required for a successful, collaborative relationship between OD and HR.  The three issues have been formulated from work with HR leaders and work as the co-editors of a special issue of the OD Practitioner on OD and HR in October, 2010. The issues included:  1) creating a design or model for HR, including the positioning of HR Business Partners; 2) establishing Business Partner roles, expectations, and priorities, and creating and positioning alignment and relationship with clients; and 3) creating roles, structures, and processes for OD, HR Business Partners, and clients that promote both collaboration and needed separation.  Barbara and Dick will then end the CwiC with a wrap-up commentary.



  • Monday, October 31st, 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM: Concurrent Session
    C3: Integrating OD with Strategic HR – The Ultimate Strategic Business Partner
    Presented by David Jamieson, University of St. Thomas; Sue Eklund, Change Integration Agency; and Robert Meekin, the OD Center
    OD’s future in organizations is integrally connected to HR, for better or worse. However, valuable work can occur when OD is integrated with strategic HR through well-designed business partner roles. As HR becomes more strategic, OD perspectives, mindset and skills become critical. Get in front of the trends and position OD as it needs to be related with HR. Learn about the business partner role, skills, organization and issues based on recent research and experience. 
  • Tuesday, November 1st, 10:45 AM – 12:15 PM: Concurrent Session
    D1: Taking HR to the Next Level - A Case Study of Organizational Transformation
    Presented by Melissa Carter and Stacey Hartman, Raytheon Missile Systems
    How do you move an organization from transactional to strategic? How do you gain efficiencies within a demanding business climate? What do you do when business leaders want high impact OE and Talent Management solutions? This session will detail the transformation of the Raytheon Missile Systems’ HR Organization into a more effective, proactive and strategic business partner. This case study will take participants through this journey of organizational change focusing on three key OE interventions: in-depth organizational assessment, organizational redesign and utilization of a clearly defined process and structure for managing large-scale organizational change.
  • Tuesday, November 1st, 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM: Concurrent Session
    E2: Building a Global, Multigenerational Talent Culture from the Ground Up
    Presented by Christi Olson and Sonia Narang, Sony Pictures Entertainment
    At Sony Pictures, our OD team was asked to conceive and co-lead the shift to a talent development and performance culture from the ground up. Along the way we faced deep cultural challenges, including a feedback-averse culture and a penchant for hiring versus developing talent.  So how did we get started? How did we tap into our multigenerational workforce? What was our approach and learning strategy with HR business partners and clients? What tools and metrics did we adopt to get results? Join us for an interactive session Hollywood style!
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