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Submission Guidelines

Journal Information

The OD Practitioner is published by the Organization Development Network. The purpose of the journal is to challenge OD practitioners to reflect critically on theory and practice and to share applied research, innovative practice, and new developments in the OD field. The journal is published quarterly: January, April, July, and October. The OD Practitioner welcomes the submission of articles by authors who are practitioners of OD, clients of OD processes, Human Resources staff who have partnered with OD practitioners or are practicing OD in their companies, and academics who teach OD theory and practice.

Editorial Policy

The OD Practitioner is a peer reviewed journal. Two members of the OD Practitioner Review Board review each article and agree whether or not they will recommend the article for publication. The OD Practitioner Editor makes the final decision as to which articles will be published and in which issue of the journal.

Steps in the Review and Publication Process

  1. Submit your proposal for an article or your article by email directly to the editor at Please include with your article a 50 - 60 word biography covering your professional work, specific interest or expertise, educational background, and number of years in the profession. The deadlines for submitting articles are as follow:
    • Summer issue, April 1
    • Fall issue, July 1
    • Winter issue, October 1
    • Spring issue, January 1
  2. Two members of the Review Board will review your article. Upon deciding it is acceptable for publication, one of them will call or e-mail you with feedback on your article, including recommended changes. He or she may ask you to make changes that require you to rewrite parts of the article. Once you have made the recommended changes you will work with the OD Practitioner Editor to prepare your article for publication. Please be aware that there is no guarantee that your article, even if accepted at this stage, will appear in a particular issue.
  3. If your article is accepted for publication you will be sent a PDF "galley proof” of the article for your final approval before publication. At this stage you may make only minor changes to the text. After publication, the OD Practitioner will send you a PDF of your article.

How to Prepare an Article for Submission


Articles are usually no more than 4,000 words (approximately 6-14 pages), double-spaced with paragraph indents and section headings.


The OD Practitioner publishes applied research, theory and evidence based practice, innovative approaches, and case studies. Our readership seeks clarity about what does and does not work in the practice of organization development. Service to this audience is a key criterion for evaluating submissions.


The OD Practitioner welcomes articles that:

  • include cases, illustrations, and practical applications
  • are lively and succinct
  • reflect critically on issues related to the current practice of OD
  • clearly state the purpose and content of the article
  • present ideas logically and with clear transitions
  • are gender-inclusive
  • avoid jargon and overly formal expressions
  • avoid self-promotion

While the Editor and Review Board members will work with each author to improve articles for publication, they will only accept submissions that are professionally written, according to current US English writing practices.

Citations and References

The OD Practitioner follows the guidelines of the American Psychological Association Publication Manual (6th edition). This style use parenthetical reference citations within the text and full references at the end of the article. Please include the DOI (digital object identifier), if available, with references for articles in a periodical.


Graphics that enhance an article are encouraged. The OD Practitioner reserves the right to resize graphics when necessary. The graphics should be in a program that allows editing. We prefer graphics to match OD Practitioner's three-, two-, or one-column, half-page or full-page formats. If you have questions or concerns about graphics or computer art, please contact the Editor.

Other Publications

The OD Practitioner publishes only original articles, not reprints from other publications or journals. You may publish materials first published in the OD Practitioner in another publication as long as the publication gives credit to the Practitioner.

Policy on Self-Promotion

Although publication in the OD Practitioner is a way of letting the OD community know about your work, and is therefore good publicity, the purpose of the journal is to exchange ideas and information. Consequently, it is the policy of the OD Network to not accept articles that have marketing or advertising of the author’s practice as a central part of the writing.

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