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From the Chair

Gary MangioficoDear Colleagues,

As you may have heard, a giant in our field, Billie Alban, passed away this past weekend. I know her teaching, work, and writing, especially with her close collaborator, Barbara Bunker, has impacted so many of your lives and countless thousands of others. Billie Alban, an OD Network Lifetime Achievement Award winner (1999), touched so many lives in so many communities in so many ways which will ensure her legacy lives on.

I had the pleasure and honor to write a chapter biography of Billie for the Change Thinkers Handbook (2016). It was wonderful to hear her amazing life story firsthand and get to know her so intimately. From her early beginnings in New York with her remarkable parents, to life on and behind the stage, to her marriage to Guillermo Alban which would take her to Ecuador, to being the first woman to obtain a license as a master’s ticket to captain in Ecuador for their family business, to starting and raising a family, to her transition to the field of Organization Development, and so much more, Billie lived fully in to the possibilities. A detailed obituary can be found online.

Alban became one of the first women to train in OD and one of the first to practice OD. Of her, Warner Burke (2016) said, “Billie is to OD what Mary Parker Follett was to management.” Billie herself was too humble to make such a claim, but when I shared with her what Warner had said, she replied “I may not have been the mother of OD, but I was there almost from the beginning – probably the oldest sister”. Warner further told me that, “she [Alban] is a woman loaded with integrity. Her deep convictions are part of what makes her so attractive to others, who quickly feel they can trust and believe in her.” In large part her deep convictions brought to the forefront of OD practice that in every organization, everyone who will be impacted or has a stake in the issue being dealt with has a right to be heard. About this she told me that she, “focused on the participative process of engaging all stakeholders, and then searching for the common ground amongst them (August 2016).” As I shared in her brief biography, whole generations of practitioners practice today having been guided by her philosophy that the collective impacted deserves the dignity of being involved in that which will affect their lives. This is what it means to live a life of compassion and dedication to principle of inclusion, that all lives matter.

And indeed, we in the field of OD are fortunate that Billie made her life matter for us by influencing the field in ways that will be felt for future generations to come. All the large-group interventionists she and Barbara aided to bring to our attention through their writing, and indeed all of us in the field of OD, are better for her work and serving as a moral compass of acting on what is “right” because that is what matters.

Our heartfelt gratitude to you Billie Alban, you will be missed but definitely not forgotten.

Warmest regards,


Gary Mangiofico, PhD
Chair, OD Network Board of Trustees

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Time To Invest In Your Development

by Linda Denton and Cheryl Throgmorton, OD Network Trustees

As we start a new year and new decade, we are searching for new things to do, new things to learn, new habits to create and new challenges to accept. The Professional Development Committee of the ODN has curated a great lineup of Webinars in 2020. Mark your calendars for the following dates, times and topics:

If you prefer to self-direct your learning, check out the Global OD Competency Framework. Click on a competency and you will be taken to more detail and available Webinars or OD Review articles available to help you develop the competency.  We will soon have all OD Review articles to date mapped to a competency. We are also making enhancements to the user navigation experience with the Global Framework. If you have suggestions for improving the navigation experience or would like to get involved in this work, please reach out to Linda Denton at linda@lindadenton.com or Cheryl Throgmorton at cthrogmorton@q4solutions.com.

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Get Published: Call for Submissions

We are requesting submissions for the Summer 2020 issues of Organization Development Review and Practicing OD.

Organization Development Review

The Organization Development Review is the leading peer-reviewed journal in the field of OD. ODR's purpose is to foster critical reflection on OD theory and practice and to share applied research, innovative approaches, evidence based practices, and new developments in the OD field. We welcome articles by authors who are OD practitioners, clients of OD processes, Human Resource staff who have partnered with OD practitioners or are practicing OD, and academics who teach OD theory and practice.

The submission deadline for the Summer 2020 issue is April 1. Learn more on our website. Contact editor@odnetwork.org with any questions.

Practicing OD

Practicing OD is a collection of short articles (900–1200 words) on useful ideas, lessons learned, and practical suggestions for managing the day to day challenges of doing OD. We welcome brief case studies; guidelines and tips for applying proven or cutting-edge methods, principles, processes, practices, interventions, and tools; and thought-provoking essays on practice-related challenges, questions that emerged from a client engagement, or new trends and technologies that will influence the practice of OD.

The submission deadline for the Summer 2020 issue is April 20. Learn more.

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Regional OD Networks and ODN Partnerships

by Lori Blander and Cheryl Throgmorton, OD Network Trustees

In October 2018 we embarked on a quest to build stronger relationships with regional OD network groups. We have had 2 in person meetings at the annual conferences and 3 virtual meetings.  The collaboration has led to the creation of a new formal partnership agreement and to setting some common goals to focus on in 2020.
The formal agreement created yields mutual benefits at a nominal cost. We have had 8 regional cities join the agreement to date (British Columbia, Atlanta, New York, Arizona, Houston, North Carolina, Toronto and St. Louis). This year we plan to create a repository of recommended speakers for program facilitation and a common shared calendar of programs and events. Look for future updates for more information.
If you would like to get involved in the work, contact Lori Blander lorib@blandergroup.com  and Cheryl Throgmorton cthrogmorton@q4solutions.com.

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Upcoming OD Network Events

Join us for these upcoming webinars and welcome group sessions — the perfect opportunity to Connect, Grow, and Impact with OD Network!

Grow Your Skills with a Webinar!

OD Network is recognized by SHRM to offer Professional Development Credits (PDCs) for the SHRM-CP℠ or SHRM-SCP℠. Each of our webinars is valid for 1.0 PDCs for the SHRM-CP℠ or SHRM-SCP℠.

March 10, 12:00-1:00pm (ET)
The Finns Already Knew It: Being Comfortable in Discomfort

Madelyn Blair

Life is full of the unexpected changes from illness to promotions to losing your best team member. These moments call for a resilient response. Discover why the highly successful are resilient and what can build these qualities in you.

March 24, 1:00-2:00pm (ET)
Organization Design Primer: Everything You Need to Know About Organization Design

Mark LaScola

Organization design is a business solution that ensures a business is “fit for purpose.” It can be integrated with the art and science of Organization Development, but they are not the same. In our time together, we will review the essential yet practical elements of Organization Design and its fit with Organization Development. Many HR professionals lump these two together referring to them as OD&D particularly because at some point, Organization Design requires roles and jobs design and assigning people. This is a minor part of organization design work. While some graduate Organization Development programs touch on Organization Design, for the most part they are inadequate in preparing their students to do this important work.

April 14, 1:00-2:00pm (ET)
Do You Really Know Your Buyer?

Nick Tobey

How many of us OD consultants, whether internal or external, wonder how to either grow our business or have greater influence with internal stakeholders? In a world of abundance, the consumers of your services are inundated with communication, content, and distractions. So how are we to know what will influence a potential customer/stakeholder, or what content will drive the most conversions in our marketing? This webinar will explore how to better understand your buyer by learning how to build a persona and boost your ability to influence the engagement you need to drive results.

Take the Next Step in Your OD Journey with a Welcome Group!

Upcoming Welcome Group sessions are listed below. For more information click here. We look forward to meeting you!

Cohort 2020-02: Saturday, February 22, 11:00 am – 1:00 pm (ET)
Register Now!

Cohort 2020-03: Wednesday, March 18, 7:30 – 9:30 pm (ET)
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Featured Jobs

The OD Network Job Exchange is the most effective forum — whether you're a job seeker or employer — to connect qualified OD professionals with opportunities specific to OD. Some of the most recent postings include:

Director of Talent, Culture, & Organization Effectiveness
Saukville, Wisconsin
Posted on 1/21/2020

Senior Training Specialist
Los Angeles, California
Posted on 1/30/2020

Principal Organization Development Consultant
Bedford, Massachusetts
Posted on 2/10/2020

To view all job listings, or to post an opening, visit the OD Network Job Exchange

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